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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitrarily.

TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary. This means do not change the IDs of anything that was released in a TR_Mainland.esm unless strictly necessary.


TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorized, NPCed, quested, and cleaned. See: Editing guidelines.
Uploaded here is only the esp. Make sure to redate the .esp to 01/01/2012 18:00:00 with Wrye Mash so that it loads before other plugins that rely on it. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files.
Always use the newest Tamriel Data and the latest Data Addon from GitHub with release files.

Tamriel Data 8.9:

Development Plan

Relevant queues: Mainland Redo

Last updated: 2021-11-22
Assets: Riverstrider eggs are in progress, which can be placed along Lake Andaram’s coast whenever they’re merged.
Exteriors: Some work is being done on Roa Dyr (some pieces are missing which will be added back in). Various road, terrain, riverbed, etc. work around Aanthirin are underway.
Interiors: There will be some edits to Khalaan (new models, etc.)
Quests: Several quest additions are pending review. “Brother Against Brother” is MVP for DOD, and should take priority. “Drinking, Stealing, Ranting” is a showcase quest that’s been merged into Mainland, but it needs another dialogue pass. Mainland IAS members need faction assignment. “Blight Watch” is still claimed by Kevaar. Changes have been discussed to be made to the interior and quest, and should be discussed with her.

Merged Bugfixes: 

Merged Claims: 

Merged Assets: 


Added a number of Morcs to

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Added a number of Morcs to Mazkun (though the Clan Dwelling still needs more)

Set the rank required for the Andothren FG supply chest to associate

Fixed a bug or two

Implemented a few object placement changes required for Andothren Temple

Added map and/or nolore

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Added map and/or nolore filters to
    absconded from the Akamora egg mines
    War Ordinators from Almas Thirr
    join the Thieves Guild
    Telvanni councilors
    join House Telvanni
    price on your head
    Parliament of Bugs
    Syvvit Tong rumors
    Erabenimsun camp
    Service Refusal
    Imperial Legion
    join the Temple
    Morrowind lore
    greater saints
    Hasilius Brahn
    Port Telvannis
    runaway slaves
    Idriso Venalis
    Akamora temple
    Hlavesa Llenim
    island lookout
    foreign hawker
    Delamus Andary
    Selari Danaran
    deliver a plea
    Mugan Crypt
    Dras Varethi
    Gah Sadrith
Fixed punctuation in
    letter to Indoril Danvas
    history of Aimrah
    help my daughter
    deliver a plea
    little secret
    Soren Uveran
Changed TR_m2_Ralis Andolith's class to Priest and checked auto calc
Removed a duplicate instance of TR_m1_Mashug_gro_Dugal

Added map and/or nolore

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Added map and/or nolore filters to
    swindling Dark Elves
    join House Telvanni
    Syvvit Tong rumors
    Taunt Success
    Bribe Success
    little advice
    little secret
    local economy
    Master Vaerin
    Ferelis Zeran
    Tel Mothrivra
    Sedri Endavel
    Flaalsa Irano
    Seras Indaren
    Nelara's debt
    Veloth's path
    Feril's death
    Ushu-Kur Mine
    Great Houses
    Red Mountain
    Dwemer ruins
    Uriel Septim
    Imperial law
    Fort Ancylis
    Telera Parys
    cryptic note
    shady dealer
    Soren Uveran
    got arrested
    a new dealer
Fixed ellipsis in great healer

Requires addon 42. Fixed map

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Requires addon 42.

Fixed map/nolore filters in
    join the East Empire Company
    Monastery of St. Felms
    someone in particular
    Bloodstone Pilgrimage
    Moranie and Fentus
    House Telvanni
    latest rumors
    perfect sword
    Tel Mothrivra
    Vanikil Farys
    Mystery Play
    Nerasa Veran
    Nelyn Fathis
    Indoril Ilvi
    Raynil Vando
    Nadras Arvel
    Zainab camp
    make amends
    Ienen Salvu
    Redram Oran
    Olmu Llendu
    Syvvit Tong
    Felms Ithul
    cursed gems
    Ivon Seloth
    Bribe Fail
    local area
    guar thief
    Roth Roryn
    Dagoth Ur
    go free
Fixed punctuation in
    toxic powder
    the Elfmaid
    shiny pearl
    Alt Bosara
    Ainab Guls
    road toll
Removed Firewatch entries for local shops
Tweaked lay member to not send people to Nivalis
Replaced model of TR_m1_bthaDwemerStatue with tr\i\tr_in_dwrvstatue_kneel.nif
Deleted TR_in_caveshell01 and replaced all usages with T_Mw_CaveMold_4way_Room_01
Deleted tr_in_dwe_ceilingcorr and replaced all usages with T_Dwe_DngRuin_I_CorridorCeil_01
Deleted TR_m1_bthalcrystal and replaced all usages with T_Dwe_DngRuin_I_Bthal_Crys_Pod
Replaced models of TR_m1_bthalcrystal_act1-6 with tr\i\tr_act_dwe_bthalcrystl.nif
b_n_dark elf_f_hair_08 -> b_n_dark elf_f_hair_05
T_B_De_HairFemTR_15 -> b_n_dark elf_f_hair_17
Removed Firewatch<->Mournhold connection

Tiny grab n drop to add

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Tiny grab n drop to add Cathnoquey Mission guards and fix ceiling in Ratharzak. Requires v042 addon!

Fixed typos    https://www

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Fixed typos
Cleaned out dirty dialogue in
    Greeting 7
    Twin Lamps
Nirn-bound saint
    Added Veranzaris and Ossurnashalit topics
    Removed the last instance of "Aurmazl" left over after Kaari's rename
    Simplified TR_m4_NirnboundSavior_Glb_scp, TR_m4_NirnboundMist_Scp
    Combined TR_m4_Cr_AurmazlKaari and TR_m4_Cr_AurmazlKaari3
    Removed TR_m4_Cr_AurmazlKaari's soul
    Made it possible to disenchant the boulder after pushing it
    Removed journal entry for failing to disenchant the boulder
    Added several greetings
    Significantly reduced the Fortfy Health magnitude of Kaari's spell to prevent her from accidentally killing the player
    Removed TR_m4_NirnboundBounder01 and TR_m4_NirnboundBounder02
    Removed player thoughts from journals

Fixed filters in    someone

Evil Eye's picture

Fixed filters in
    someone in particular
    Dansudipat Egg Mine
    join Delagia's gang
    latest rumors
    Tel Mothrivra
    Nerasa Veran
    dead body
    our tribe
    my trade
    go free
    Greeting 5
Changed fog density in Helnim, Ensalda Lacinius' House to 1
Changed rank requirement for the Helnim MG supply chest
Nirn-bound saint
    Added some extra lines to prevent the quest from getting stuck in the journal
    Added StopCombat if the player gets too far away

Fixed filters in    House

Evil Eye's picture

Fixed filters in
    House Telvanni
    Isle of Arches
    Boethian Falls
    supply chests
    Aegondo Point
    make amends
    Greeting 0
    Greeting 1
    Greeting 2
    Greeting 4
    Greeting 5
    Greeting 6
    Greeting 7
Fixed punctuation in
    Greeting 0
    Greeting 1
    Greeting 5
Assigned barter gold to
    TR_m1_Ainssa 1100
    TR_m1_Andoren_Beleth 45
    TR_m1_Aphocles 30
    TR_m1_Aravyn Telonys 700
    TR_m1_Culenne Mair 20
    TR_m1_Di'niah 100
    TR_m1_Dorash gro-Dretha 250
    TR_m1_Falcius Sosia 25
    TR_m1_Fedura_Drenim 75
    TR_m1_Helsanni 400
    TR_m1_Lyanna_Ismal 450
    TR_m1_Mantra_Halia 50
    TR_m1_Marcella 200
    TR_m1_Munbebi_Atinna 35
Added restocking goods to
    TR_m1_Ainssa (chest)
    TR_m1_Nilara Beleth
    TR_m1_Culenne Mair
    TR_m1_Falcius Sosia
Moved a piece of tunnel back onto the grid in Anbarsud, Shrine

Made TR_m1_O_Ararvyne_Senim

Evil Eye's picture

Made TR_m1_O_Ararvyne_Senim buy books to enable his barter menu
Changed TR_m1_Protio Calvisus's class from Healer Service to Priest Service so he'll actually sell his restocking scrolls
Unchecked magic items on TR_m1_Vendil_Tras because they were inaccessible
Removed travel service from TR_m2_Hessei_Lig
Assigned barter gold to
    TR_m1_Protio Calvisus 40
    TR_m1_Ra'Meale 15
    TR_m1_Ragru gro-Ghash 300
    TR_m1_Rajasi 150
    TR_m1_Telyn Vedrith 60
    TR_m1_Zalam Lonas 10
    TR_m2_Calaciren 175
    TR_m2_Dolmse Sadalvel 30
    TR_m2_Hessei_Lig 400
    TR_m2_Nevama Ildam 125
    TR_m2_Uleras Morenu 200
    TR_m3_Ambrosia Hegetor 80
    TR_m3_Draraynea Nelas 10
    TR_m3_Golyn_Volor 55
    TR_m3_Gul-Ei 40
    TR_m3_Irvama_Raledran 30
    TR_m3_Ivero Hllar 80
    TR_m3_Llaynor Seryon 25
    TR_m3_Lloryno Norom 600
Added restocking items to
    TR_m1_Ragru gro-Ghash
    TR_m2_Dolmse Sadalvel
    TR_m2_Hessei_Lig (replaced a static crate)
    TR_m3_Ivero Hllar
Removed ownership from every instance of

Taking and dropping. De

Taniquetil's picture

Taking and dropping.

De-newtscaled the imperial navy, across all locations (including bases and shipwrecks). Now uses Worsas' new armor.

Added barter gold to    TR_m3

Evil Eye's picture

Added barter gold to
    TR_m3_q_Ernandre_Nermin 50
    TR_m3_Ranis Andren 300
    TR_m3_Salms_Andala 200
    TR_m3_Sedaves_Adrendil 150
    TR_m3_Ulyne_Llothas 400
    TR_m4_Ilmesi Adryn 20
    TR_m4_Kraki the Grey 125
    TR_m4_M'Ranja 75
    TR_m4_Musa Ashadallit 75
    TR_m4_Nibbles 15
    TR_m4_Selmuth Balur 200
    TR_m4_Surol Suth 500
    TR_m4_Tedri Adas 1000
    TR_m4_Yan-Ahhe 75
Removed services from
Added restocking goods to
    TR_m3_Ranis Andren
    TR_m4_Selmuth Balur
    TR_m4_Tedri Adas
Added service refusal to TR_m4_Bone-Eater
Changed class of TR_m4_Hobert Corovob from T_Glb_Baker to T_Glb_Cook
Changed class of TR_m4_Taris Rovynith from T_Glb_Baker to T_Glb_Cook
Checked calculate from all levels <= PC's level on TR_m4_deadloot_i4-260-hla
Fixed caspering bridge in Zalitalan
Unchecked references persist on

Replaced all instances of

Evil Eye's picture

Replaced all instances of "well-done" with "well done"
Removed TR_m1_Lish's unique greetings
Removed the (Bal Oyra) Keep topic
Checked auto calc on
    TR_m1_Ionas Callodus
Changed TR_m1_q_FG_JanaBreakIn to only show the "I'll be going message" once
Replaced pre-ITO path grid at Tel Rivus
Made Shin-Sei swim over to Nivalis where she can get dry by the fire
Added restocking goods to
    TR_m1_Kevlin Sereile
Moved two doors into their frames in Nivalis, Icebreaker Keep
Removed floating path grid nodes in Bahrammu
Extended Bal Oyra's path grid a little

Split TR_m4_wil_Nymph to

Evil Eye's picture

Split TR_m4_wil_Nymph to
Kodasha Egg Mine
    Renamed to Kudashah
    Removed goblin_club
    Added a path grid
    Filled it with daedra
    Added more loot
    Made NPCs hostile
    Added TR_m3_i2_236_slavekey
    Replaced active_de_r_bed_01 with T_De_FurnM_Bed_S_03
Jherun Egg Mine
    Replaced fake water with real water
Monastery of St. Aralor, Abbey
    Replaced T_Mw_Flora_TreeCine_01 with T_Mw_Flora_TreeCine_03
Fixed quest name on TR_m2_FG_Leonos1
Armun Roadblock
    Deduplicated dialogue
    Removed option to ask them who they are and added a Background entry
    Reduced the number of journal entries
    Removed the option to be extorted for more than 500 gold to improve the odds of the player paying up
    Fixed the bandits to disable if you pay them rather than when you refuse

Kudashah    Replaced two

Evil Eye's picture

    Replaced two instances of flowing water planes with still ones
    Improved pathing
Fixed blacksquare in Khalaan, Swallowed Passages
Raised landscape a little to prevent caspering at the Ebon Tower
Made Bodrum, Ramaran Manor: Basement illegal to sleep in
Fixed floater in Tur Julan, Spire
Moved out of bounds refs to their proper cells
Added fallback to Writs for maps other than 4
Removed greetings related to A Midnight Meeting
Removed most of the replies to the Solstheim topic
Armun Roadblock
    Made the quest end if you kill one of the NPCs

Armun Roadblock    Marked

Evil Eye's picture

Armun Roadblock
    Marked quest as finished after receiving the note in case Shalaasa's dead
    Accounted for murder directly after clearing the road
    Made it impossible to start the quest if one of the bandits is dead
Removed unconnected/duplicate path grid nodes in
    Marog 23,-2
    Kemel-Ze 22,-2
    Molag Ruhn Region 23,-3
    Old Ebonheart 7,-19
    Andothren, Docks 0,-16
    Teyn -4,-14
    Mzankh, Halls of Reason
    Helnim 25,1
    Firewatch 17,15
    Nivalis 12,27
    Dagon Urul Region 24,1
    Thalotheran Manor
    Farys Ancestral Tomb
    Bosmora, Thalin Marendi's House
    Lan Orethan Region 30,-29
    Gorne 40,-30
    Gorne 41,-30
    Lan Orethan Region 30,-30
    Sirsadrorran, Shrine
    Sailen, Idroso Menas' House
    Ranyon-ruhn, Galdasi Thendas' House
    Ranyon-ruhn, Catacombs
    Marog, Barracks
    Alt Bosara, Tel Vaerin
    Ebon Tower, Talos' Tower
    Ebon Tower, Curia: Hall of Justice
    Old Ebonheart, Sewers: East
    Ebon Tower, Sewers: Upper
    Ebon Tower, Legion: Dungeons
    Old Ebonheart, Customs
    Old Ebonheart, Grand Chapel of Talos: Towers
    Old Ebonheart, East Empire Company: Offices
    Aanthirin Region 12,-23
    Aanthirin Region 9,-19
    Vhul 10,-24
    Dondril, Synda Urdasa's Shack
    Dondril 9,-22
    Vulunith Ancestral Tomb
    Emmurbalpitu, Broken Halls
    Emmurbalpitu, Crepuscular Shrine
    Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Atrium
    Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Private Quarters
    Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Servant Quarters
    Aanthirin Region 4,-27
    Aanthirin Region 4,-23
    Mundrethi Plantation, Slave Market 4,-21
    Bthungtch, Basilica of Nfund
    Aren Manor, Guardhouse
    Aren Manor
    Aren Eggmine, Lower Level
    Suldun Egg Mine, Queen's Lair
    Raal, Lost Rooms
    Munat Egg Mine
    Ald Volos, Tower
    Ald Volos 13,-32
    Alt Orethan Region 14,-32
    Almas Thirr, Office of Intercession
    Almas Thirr 5,-28
    Almas Thirr 6,-28
    Almas Thirr, Monastery of St. Veloth
    Almas Thirr, Tradehouse, Tower
    Vorthas Uldun, The Blood Ruin
    Khalaan, Mothandil Manor
    Vorthas Uldun, The Desolate Tower
    Khalaan, St. Delyn Plaza
    Khalaan, Manor of the Lord
    Khalaan, Lord District
    Old Ebonheart, Guild of Mages: Study
    Old Ebonheart, Guild of Mages: Greenhouse Dome
    Hadrumnibibi, Grotto
    Firewatch, Antoni Manor
    Firewatch, Vantus Manor
    Firewatch, Guild of Mages
    Firewatch, Ember Keep: Servants' Quarters
    Nivalis, Hrongal Wavebreaker's House
    Nivalis, Ra'Lasak's House
    Firewatch, Gorinia's House
    Firewatch, Kul-Tei's House
    Helnim, Cervius Veris: General Merchant
    Helnim, Mjornir's Meadhouse
    Tel Gilan, Ervul Dranoth: Enchanter
    Firewatch, Ember Keep: Wizard's Tower
    Andothren, Andas Estate: Treasure Vault
    Andothren, Andas Estate: Baths
    Andothren, Cat-Catchers' Cornerclub
    Andothren, Morag Tong Guild
    Unusual Shipwreck, Upper Level
    Ralit Egg Mine
    Menaan, Gols Ulven's House
    Roth Roryn Region -9,-16
    Roth Roryn Region -13,-19
    Arvud -4,-26
    Armun Pass Outpost
    Armun Ashlands Region -9,-25
    Armun Ashlands Region -15,-23
    Shanat-Tul Ancestral Tomb
    Belan Mine
Removed several underground objects in the sea outside Helnim
Fixed a few typos

Removed unreachable Telvanni

Evil Eye's picture

Removed unreachable Telvanni guard dialogue
Fixed ShowMap in local area 1497326286195677282
Removed stray endif from
    Friela Antoni's candlesticks 932753931896912626
    Helrus Jeral 2569226250580213379
Fixed ID of
    Mist-Eyes in Orders 1542313620121918912
    J'Suhkurr go free 301871000666207495
Fixed quotes in
    Greeting 1 30245523082914748 14253253992570317245 167429797203885176 25948000278604329
    toxic powder 63928165782132061
    Delamus Andary 297621946163728530
    Olmas Uvayn 22467442751346271
Removed random text from
    Background 869012879115873579 221301842081708292
    matter of payment 250662014947614773
Removed stray arguments from
    Greeting 1 1321518908118675370 2128727234316521929 399338824603103 2166816586159948379 16993198523271118660
    gloves for baking 15788183271543924956
    Hello 15275178671985312824 9252202142945212982 4076116801449926724
    Tindalos 239342459672501626
    task 2975913064294023734
    thoughtful gift 31221160613103922889
    Vintage Brandy 204619934273325371
Restored a "continue" in package delivery 13345275851140429635
Fixed target in
    Greeting 1 20970177273117028650 27977119243925883
    Imperial bureaucracy 14349282971308124650
    Alomon Juspethe 948448601511011196
Removed topic the bard sent me
Removed travel services from TR_m1_Drenar Valeth
Removed replies to Devas Terano and destination from TR_m1_Drenar Valeth
Changed TR_m1_Tandryen_Reyas' class to Shipmaster
Made TR_m3_Ivrea Llothro offer transport to Andothren
Made TR_m3_Ralis Nalor offer transport to Andothren
Gave TR_m4_rojanna jades and TR_m4_wulfus normal map scripts
Fixed script issues detected by OpenMW

Changed filters on tr_m3_s

Evil Eye's picture

Changed filters on tr_m3_s_yellow-scales' greetings
Added details to the first journal entry of TR_m3_OE_Resigned
Added/updated destination topic for
    TR_m2_Orvano Tralen
    TR_m3_Aeta the Spear
    TR_m3_Barabus Inclodios
    TR_m3_Ivrea Llothro
    TR_m3_Ralis Nalor
    TR_m4_Drovamu Llarno
Sorted Helnim latest rumors
Snapped cave piece to grid in Tur Julan, Servants' Hall
Assigned a Follow package to TR_m4_q_Fran_Morianne and removed the AiFollow part of her script
Added/changed path grid in
    Anbarsud, Forge
    Anbarsud, Shrine
    Romayon, Library
    Romayon, Propylon Chamber
    Berendas Ancestral Tomb
    Menaan, Nadras Arvel's House
    Raloran Ancestral Tomb
    Savani Ancestral Tomb
    Savrethi Distillery, Brandy Distillery
    Robed Warden, Cabin
    Robed Warden, Lower Deck
    Robed Warden, Upper Deck

Mainland changelog -

Taniquetil's picture

Mainland changelog

- Distributed city guides in firewatch college for printer

- Replaced Briricca bank signs with new TD ones and deleted old TR_m3_OE_sign_c_bank_01 (needs texture fix!)

- Added ownership for some firewatch docks clutter

- Added one of the new iron warhammers to Iron-Grip's weaponsmith

- Replaced deprecated T_De_Set_BannerTownBodrem at Bodrum with T_De_Set_BannerTownBodrum
- Replaced deprecated T_De_DaedricHide_Cuirass_01 in Romayon library with T_Com_Steel_Cuirass_Steelhearth
- Replaced two instances of deprecated T_De_RedWatchChitin_Boots_01 on NPCs in OE with T_De_RedoranWatchman_Boots
- Replaced two instances of deprecated T_De_RedWatchChitin_Cuirass_01 in Port Telvannis armorer and on an NPC in Norem with T_De_RedoranWatchman_Cuirass
- Replaced deprecated T_De_RedWatchChitin_GauntlL_01 in Port T armorer with T_De_RedoranWatchman_GauntletL
- Replaced deprecated T_De_RedWatchChitin_PauldrR_01 in Port T armorer with T_De_RedoranWatchman_PauldronR
- Replaced deprecated T_De_RedWatchChitin_PauldrR_01 in Port T armorer with T_De_RedoranWatchman_PauldronR
- Replaced deprecated T_De_RedWatchChitin_PauldrL_01 in Bahrammu trader with chitin pauldron - left
- Deleted custom chest TR_m1_de_p_chest_GSM_we full of deprecated stuff in Gah Sadrith market and replaced with T_MwCom_Furn_Ch2WpnDunm
- Replaced deprecated T_De_RedWatchChitin_Greaves_01 on two NPCs in OE and Bosmora with T_De_RedoranWatchman_Greaves
- Replaced deprecated T_Imp_ColIron1_Greaves_01 in Ebon Tower census office with T_Imp_ColIron_Greaves_01
- Replaced deprecated T_Bk_RedBookRiddlesSHOTN in Omaynis mining bunkhouse with bk_redbookofriddles
- Deleted deprecated map books and sacred lands map scrolls from throughout TR_Mainland, replacing occasionally with guide scrolls where appropriate
- Deleted unused TR_i3-599_chest_maps with deprecated maps
- Deleted TR_m1_sc_GreenEyesPoisonBook and TR_m1_sc_GreenEyesPoisonBook_b, which no longer exist in Mainland
- Fixed bleeding candle in Helnim mages guild
- Deleted custom crate TR_m3_almas_trade_cr_02, which contained deprecated maps, and its one use
- Replaced all 161 instances of the deprecated T_De_P_Chair_01 with the identical vanilla equivalent
- Deleted all instances of deprecated T_Note_TelvanniCouncillorsTR except for the one in the TD list
- Replaced all instances of T_CyrCom_FurnM_Dw1Empty, T_CyrCom_FurnM_Dw3Empty, and T_CyrCom_FurnM_Dw4Empty with appropriate CyrImp substitutes
- Deleted or modified inventory of a couple of custom chests with deprecated items
- Deleted last remaining deprecated T_IngFlor_Hamumroot_03
- Replaced two instances of T_IngFlor_RockburstPod_01 with T_IngFlor_RockburstClaw_01
- Deleted all remaining instances of T_De_TelvanniTankard_01
- Replaced deprecated T_Imp_Silver_2HMace in Chatal Mendor's armory with T_Imp_Silver_Mace_01
- Deleted all remaining instances of T_Glb_Fau_Mous_01

- Fixed bug concerning caspering shell at Ratharzak reported by Denis
- Fixed bug concerning caspering doorway in Firewatch reported by jonado
- Fixed bug concerning dock stairs access at Gol Mok reported by

- Merged Arvethu Ancestral Tomb
- Merged Kharom

merged: orlukh quests st.

Mortimer's picture


orlukh quests

st. felms quests

ando mg

volenfaryon quests


and fixed that dumb teleport global script error

Dropping changelog - Merged

Taniquetil's picture



- Merged Firewatch Mages Guild questlne
- Merged Helnim Imperial Legion questline
- Merged Helnim Fighters Guild questline
- Merged Firewatch Imperial Legion questline
- Merged Helnim Thieves Guild mini-questline
- Merged Gummidge quest
- Merged Sugar and Spice quest
- Merged Muskflies quest
- Merged Cracking Icebreaker quest
- Merged Stranded Shipment quest
- Merged Price of Guar Meat quest
- Merged Seeking a Friend quest
- Merged Double Meaning quest
- Merged It Belongs in a Museum quest
- Merged Complicated Competition quest
- Merged Miner Problems quest
- Merged Literary Critic quest - still needs to merge the newspaper!

- Fixed bug concerning chest ownership in Andothren Mages Guild reported by Hemaris
- Fixed bug concerning interior brightness in Andothren Mages Guild reported by Hemaris
- Fixed bug concerning caspering decal in Andothren reported by Hemaris
- Fixed bug concerning caspering dwemer ruin piece at Bthuangthuv reported by Snailsting
- Fixed bug concerning floating door in Andothren reported by Hemaris
- Fixed bug concerning bleeding mushrooms in Andothren Mages Guild reported by Hemaris
- Fixed bug concerning bleeding banner in Andothren reported by Hemaris
- Fixed bug concerning pathgrid nodes in Andothren reported by Hemaris
- Fixed bug concerning buried canal pieces in Andothren reported by Hemaris
- Fixed bug concerning two buildings clipping in Andothren reported by Hemaris

- Added unique banners to Omaynis
- Fixed some bleeders at Firewatch docks
- Removed an old greeting from the deprecated Price of Wickwheat quest
- Removed the old Stranded Shipment quest

Dropping. Changelog: -

Taniquetil's picture

Dropping. Changelog:

- Removed several scripts from the old version of Complicated Competition
- Deleted a few old NPCs from deprecated ints missed in the first pass months ago

- Merged Yamandalkal refit and added an alchemist to the Sanctum
- Merged Bruthar and NPCd with a frost troll
- Merged Syndros and NPCd with a hermit pilgrim

- Replaced old placeholder stained glass windows on the Firewatch chapel with new Akatosh windows

Cleaned out several dirty T_D

Evil Eye's picture

Cleaned out several dirty T_D records
Replaced several non-standard quote characters
    changed ID to TR_m1_Yamanakal_Spoon
    assigned an inventory icon
misc_com_silverware_fork_uni -> misc_com_silverware_fork
misc_com_silverware_knife_uni -> misc_com_silverware_knife
chest_small_02_anararen -> chest_small_02_gold_25
Fixed filters in
    Monastery of St. Felms
    Commander gro-Othmog
    our dark powers
    artifact trade
    deposit funds
    Khalaan index
    Orlukh's plan
    our ancient
    Greeting 1
    Greeting 2
    Greeting 5
    Greeting 7
    Greeting 9
Removed unreachable lines in
    the Elfmaid
Switched over cell filters from OLDYamandalkal to Yamandalkal
Added missing local variables to
Restored barter gold to TR_m1_Ainssa and gave her the TR_m1_q_MG4Dispel spell
Checked autocalc on TR_m2_Fevras_Beran
Assigned T_D map script to TR_m1_Q_GummidgeGuy

Added enemies and added loot

Cicero's picture

Added enemies and added loot to Hendor Stardumz (also named the cells)
Added Kwama to ITO eggmine that was still using a TR name, gave it a name 

Added goblins to the Golbin caverns and removed the TR nameing

added enemies to Bthulag Zturams

Some minor edits to st. felms mon. exterior

Removed RR/AA arch tunnel made out of many sideways wolli mountain peaks

fixed some floating ash piles


You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Checked illegal to sleep in  

Evil Eye's picture

Checked illegal to sleep in
    Gorne, The Ghostly Lady, Cabin
    Necrom, Sacellum of St. Llothis: Shrine
    Meralag, Deren Llethros' House
    Nethril Plantation, Store Room
    Evos, Garer Rothril's House
    The Nirthfly: Cabin
    The Nirthfly: Upper Level
    The Nirthfly: Lower Level
    Nethre-Pulu, Entrance Shack
    Nalrin Vere's Shack
    Tel Mothrivra, South Tower: Turret
    Vhul, Ienasa Llothil's House
    The Brazen Maiden: Cabin
    The Eternal Voyager: Cabin
    The Eternal Voyager: Upper Level
    The Eternal Voyager: Lower Level
    Hyrrik the Rude's Shack
Deleted path grid in 1, -15
Changed TR_m3_OE_Drem_Rathine's fight and level to 30
Removed wickwheat topic
Removed Bahrammu replies to the muck topic

Handing off to Cicero now for

Taniquetil's picture

Mainland changelog:

- Added TR_ prefix to ints still needing NPCing

- Merged OE MG Hamun Root fix
- Merged Mount Dunul, Cavern and applied TR prefix since I don't have time to NPC it
- Merged Ancestral Guidance misc quest
- Merged The Malignant Merchant misc quest
- Merged Certificate of Credibility misc quest

- Fixed disconnected rope fence at Helseri Farmhouse reported by Denis
- Fixed caspering guarskin canopies at Rethil Farm reported by Denis
- Fixed floating items in Yadamsi reported by Denis
- Fixed bleeding pearl in Mundrethi Plantation, Merengor's House reported by Denis
- Fixed floating house/door in Selyn reported by Denis
- Fixed unlinked loaddoor in Lan Orethan region reported by Jani
- Fixed stair height in Andothren reported by chef
- Fixed floating grass on the road to Fort Ancylis reported by chef
- Fixed oversized fire in Ember Keep courtyard reported by chef
- Fixed misplaced navy galleon gangplank at Firewatch docks reported by chef
- Fixed caspering rock on Helnim lighthouse island reported by chef
- Fixed Helnim walls alignment issue reported by chef
- Deleted superfluous wall buttress at Indal-Ruhn reported by chef (and fixed clutter)
- Fixed caspering cliff piece south of Savrethi Distillery reported by chef
- Fixed jagged terrain and vertex shading issue nearby also reported by chef
- Deleted adamantium in Binammu reported by Kayla 123
- Deleted Balhadarshad Den's two cells and its entrance
- Fixed unlocked door in the Inn Between reported by ulmsllando
- Deleted superfluous buttress at Menaan reported by chef
- Fixed lighting issue in Hlersis Temple reported by jonado
- Fixed container floaters in Firewatch reported by MwGek
- Replaced deprecated T_Mw_Flora_Parasol_c_01 in Helnim C&E office reported by Delemis with flora_t_podbud_03
- Fixed floating containers around Red Drake Inn in Helnim reported by Denis
- Fixed dialogue typo and barter gold error with TR_m2_Nevama Ildam reported by Denis
- Fixed Helnim IAS generic dialogue typo reported by Denis.
- Fixed floating NPC in Helnim, Mjornir's Meadhouse reported by Denis
- Fixed floating boat in Helnim reported by Denis
- Fixed bleeding fish nets in Helnim Dockhouse reported by Denis
- Fixed floating plants near Ald Volos reported by Delemis
- Fixed various plant floaters and bleeders near Serynthul reported by Snailsting
- Fixed floating crates at Kartur Outpost reported by Ragox
- Fixed floating mushrooms outside Raloran Ancestral Tomb reported by Ragox
- Fixed floating grass in Roth Roryn reported by Ragox
- Fixed floating rock near Arvud reported by Denis
- Fixed floor caspering in Ember Keep wizard's tower reported by Snailsting
- Fixed mesh replacement issue with bluefoot ingredient in Ember Keep wizard's tower reported by Snailsting
- Fixed floating sword in Ember Keep barracks reported by Snailsting
- Fixed z-fighting painting in Ember Keep Imperial Commission reported by Snailsting
- Fixed floating door in Ember Keep barracks reported by Snailsting
- Fixed caspering doors in Ember Keep great hall reported by Snailsting
- Fixed caspering doors in Ember Keep high halls reported by Snailsting
- Fixed land tear south of Bthlag-Zturamz reported by Snailsting

- Deleted Warchief Ulaqth argonian skull from Erechel's shack
- Fixed a land texture issue near Serynthul
- Smoothed a few jagged terrain spikes in Roth Roryn
- Deleted all leftover ivy refs in Firewatch and Helnim

Also flagged the Andothren

pralec's picture

Also flagged the Andothren Council Club banner as references persist, as it referenced by a script in a merged quest and was throwing an error.

Ascadian Bluffs Region 3, -15

Cicero's picture

Ascadian Bluffs Region 3, -15 > reassigned to Ascadian Isle Region as per vanilla



made an edit to andothren warehouse clutter that supposedly interfered with the quest involved


fixed (much better performance here)

unlinked TR_Urussabi from overworld so can be dealt with in the future without spoiling the released content

Gave Sunkindler to Darron Marceau, and instead shifted the ebony crossbow to Hendor-Stardumz to help bolster it's loot

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Merged Vodunius Nuccius and

Why's picture

Merged Vodunius Nuccius and Pursuits of the Seedy

and Brother against Brother

and the FW IC

and Awoke And Broke

>Fixed dialogue loops in

abby's picture

>Fixed dialogue loops in "Freedom at any price", re-added Ji'Zirr's forcegreet greeting that progresses the quest

>Removed dialogue indicating that Servas Capris marked Otori on the player's map




Fixed Kobold Fisher bug,

Why's picture

Fixed Kobold Fisher bug, mabrigash metamorphosis bug (at least as far as the mabrigash' script is concerned), replaced Skyrender in Port Telvannis with a non-hostile non-ridden one.

-did a lot of hlaalu

Mortimer's picture

Passing to pralec, holding

Taniquetil's picture

Passing to pralec, holding pending their file

Mainland changelog

- Renamed i4-306 with TR_HOLD and descriptor
- Merged replacement Urussabi
- Merged chef's NPCs for Kirmunad and cut pointless prison section (also added pathgrid)
- Merged mort's NPCs for Mvelthngth-Schel

- NPCd Elandad and added pathgrid
- NPCd Baluridan
- NPCd Ebunammidan, edited clutter, and added key for Lamplit quest
- NPCd Tomaril Ancestral Tomb
- "NPCd" Sadrapit Mine and Kumaralk and added tiny pathgrids and one rat apiece. Stuck three daedric arrows in the skeleton in Kumaralk.
- NPCd Mount Dunul cavern
- NPCd Telomas Ancestral Tomb

- Fixed most issues with Bodrum ints reported by Vern (some had been fixed already)
- Fixed bugs in Helnim reported by Denis
- Fixed floaters in Roth Roryn reported by Denis
- Fixed floaters in Armun Ashlands reported by Denis
- Fixed more floaters in Roth Roryn reported by Denis
- Fixed lighting in Uman tradehouse reported by Denis
- Set up inn script for Uman inn reported by Denis

- added pathgrids to all Uman ints

Dropping Changelog: Fixed

pralec's picture



Removing Killing the Messenger:

  • Deleted topic "dead messenger"
  • Deleted topic "cryptic note"
  • Deleted topic "word of our agent"
  • Removed addtopics from TR_m1_Q62_KtM_Script_1 for above topics
  • Edited various other KtM-related topics so they would no longer advance the journal for KtM.

Dropping mainland changelog:

Taniquetil's picture


mainland changelog:

Edited documents and NPCs in the College of Firewatch to prepare for merge of College enrollment framework

Configured new integrated/lightweight travels system

  • Connected Firewatch and OE Mages Guilds to Vivec Mages Guild
  • Created new TR_m0 shipmaster NPC at Dagon Fel with routes to Firewatch and Nivalis (and inverse)
  • Created new TR_m0 shipmaster NPC at Sadrith Mora with routes to Firewatch, Helnim, and Marog (and inverse)
  • Created new TR_m0 shipmaster NPC at Ebonheart with routes to Teyn and Old Ebonheart (and inverse)
  • Created new TR_m0 shipmaster NPC at Vivec with routes to Andothren, Darvonis, and Old Ebonheart (and inverse with the exception of OE->Vivec which will be added by Evil Eye with the >4 routes hack.)
  • Edited destination topics for all affected NPCs

Changed class of    TR_m4

Evil Eye's picture

Changed class of
    TR_m4_Ulvys Ules to T_Glb_Scribe
    TR_m1_Alius_Flagius to T_Glb_Sailor
    TR_m2_Sarith Everos to T_Glb_Scribe
    tr_m4_serali_beralam to T_Glb_Scribe
    TR_m4_Tuvenie_Mels to T_Glb_Fisherman
Added travel to Vivec from OE (TR_m3_Aeta the Spear)
Added travel to Sadrith Mora from Helnim (TR_m2_Derana Llenam)
Updated destination topic for TR_m1_Virevar_Tilvayn
Removed destination topic from TR_m4_Tuvenie_Mels
Fixed hyphen in stolen Indoril helm
Fixed faction filter in Advancement
Unchecked references persist on
Removed T_Local_Khajiit from
Fixed scripting errors in
Replaced flowing fake water with still fake water in 0, -21
Fixed floaters in Bodrum, Varalaryn Tradehouse
Added training services to TR_m1_Odunia Hare
Added apparatus bartering to TR_m1_Marilus_Arjus
Fixed disconnected path grid nodes in
    Arvethu Ancestral Tomb
    Hendor-Stardumz, Observatory
    College Framework
    Why's fix for Skeleton Wizard
    Why's fix for Urnuridan Guar
Deleted dialogue for TR_m1_Elammu_Andrani related to the Price of Wickwheat

>Moved Assemus Todros

abby's picture

>Moved Assemus Todros downstairs, removed his follow package on Llirala Arys, a Morag Tong target, in order to avoid a conflict between the Hlaalu and MT questlines. Created a new NPC named "Maldrys Torven", to be Arys' bodyguard instead.

>Added a few guar to the Llaram Plantation guar-pen.




npc'd and loot'd urussu

Mortimer's picture

npc'd and loot'd urussu

merged and linked Puzur eggmine, removed old version (not npc'd yet)

fixed harru cavern exterior

replaced namira's shroud with new version in game and in scripts/dialogue

Holding file but updating for

Taniquetil's picture

Holding file but updating for playtesters


- merged fix from pralec for Absolon dialogue in Yamandalkal

- added College of Firewatch enrollment refusal for non-MG players attempting to enroll in Magecraft

- changed last remaining imperial knights NPCs to imperial legion

Dropping. Mainland changelog

Taniquetil's picture


Mainland changelog

- Merged NPCd + overhauled Puzur-Attin Egg Mine from Delemis/Mort
- Merged staircase mesh fix from pralec
- Merged St. Felms Tower of Contemplation
- Applied text edit to T_BkGen_TradeManifest from mort
- Applied name edit to Gwai-lo from mort

- NPCd Litu-Dur Mine with kobolds and slaughterfish
- NPCd Rotten Shipwreck
- NPCd Orphaned Shipwreck
- NPCd Andresian Dreugh
- NPCd Passu
- NPCd Nirmissin
- NPCd Kitanga
- NPCd Massapi
- NPCd Malarnubi underwater grotto
- NPCd Mersavalu Grotto
- NPCd Menuas-Ahhe
- NPCd Lukhalutun

- Fixed northmarker in Dillmoon Manor reported by damry
- Fixed bug with Library Tower stairway bleeding reported by Snailsting
- Upgraded quality of tapestries and rugs in the Andothren Golden Moons club per suggestion from damry
- Fixed floating rocks on the coast of Dagon Urul reported by Snailsting
- Fixed issue with Mjornir's class reported by Denis
- Fixed unlocked Andothren door reported by damry
- Made edits to potion rewards in Fort Ancylis quest dialogue suggested by arvisrend
- Fixed typo in Andothren quest dialogue reported by arvisrend
- Fixed wall shell error in Helnim C&E reported by arvisrend
- Added nolore to Marilus Arjus in the college so he doesn't talk about himself in the third person per arvisrend suggestion
- Fixed floating rockgroup in Roth Roryn reported by arvisrend
- Fixed unclear Firewatch dialogue reported by arvisrend
- Fixed z-fighting banner in College museum reported by arvisrend
- Fixed caspering rockgroup at Fort Ancylis reported by arvisrend
- Added armun kagouti at crossroads in AA region suggested by arvisrend
- Fixed caspering rockgroup in RR region reported by arvisrend
- Fixed floating grass outside Tomaril Ancestral Tomb reported by arvisrend
- Patched collision issue in Mannu reported by arvisrend
- Fixed DoD quest dialogue error reported by arvisrend
- Fixed Naalsa Uvayn dialogue typo reported by arvisrend
- Fixed caspering rocks in Sehutu reported by Snailsting
- Fixed Akamora FG quest bug reported by Kwama Conspirator
- Fixed shell issue in Andothren, Hlaalu Retainer Apartments reported by Snailsting
- Fixed floaters in Andothren, Rindral Herano's House reported by Hemaris
- Fixed bleeding boots in Aimrah reported by Snailsting
- Fixed several shell errors in Arvud, Ald Erfoud Ruins
- Fixed shell issues in Savrethi Manor reported by Dev Shah, Khazar, and Jacks
- Fixed some AA floaters reported by jonado
- Fixed generic imperial navy marines in fort ancylis and OE wearing newtscale armor reported by Snailsting
- Added missing showmap entries for the local area response from the Teyn scout reported by jonado
- Fixed shell issued in Nivalis tavern reported by Denis
- Fixed bleeding note in Necrom arnesian war museum reported by Denis
- Fixed incorrectly named house in Vhul reported by Dillonn and socks
- Fixed shell error in Helnim apothecary reported by Denis
- Fixed a bunch of shell errors in Helnim ZBC reported by Denis
- Fixed some Molag Ruhn floaters reported by Denis
- Fixed shell error in Old Ebonheart, The Salty Futtocks reported by Denis
- Fixed shell error in Old Ebonheart, The Empress Katariah reported by Denis
- Fixed floating pot in Saveri reported by Denis
- Fixed Sacred Lands flora floaters reported by Denis
- Deleted punavit from Gorne general trader reported by Vitruvian Guar
- Fixed Bodrum dialogue issue reported by jonao
- Fixed tapestry spam in Oran Plantation northern tower reported by Denis
- Fixed floating goblet on the Northern Wind reported by Snailsting and applied IAS faction ownership to deck clutter
- Fixed shell issue in Vaynth Ancestral Tomb reported by Fremennik
- Fixed shell issue in Firewatch, The Howling Noose reported by Denis
- Fixed bleeding book in Helnim IAS reported by Denis
- Fixed bleeders in Almas Thirr, Monastery of St. Veloth, Dome reported by Evil Eye
- Added training to TR_m3_Moranie and adjusted her stats to resolve error reported by SonOfKrampus
- Fixed floaters in Necrom, Dethral Ginith's Workshop and added potters wheel as suggested by Denis
- Fixed jagged terrain and caspering rock west of Necrom reported by Denis
- Fixed bleeder in Necrom, Bradys Hlaalo's Residence, reported by Denis
- Fixed shell issues in Firewatch EEC reported by Denis
- Fixed EEC Factor's wander setting reported by Denis

- Gave TR_m1_Alius_Flagius Navy armor instead of newtscale and rearranged that part of TEM Saber of the Straits so he's not at risk of getting stuck
- Removed volumes 1,2,3,5 of the Peryiton from Library Tower since the relevant quest didn't get finished in time. Left vol 4 (the one the librarian starts with).
- Removed volume 4 of the Peryiton from Romayon
- Removed a bunch of enemy spawns from Dagon Urul cells around Firewatch
- Fixed a bunch of horrible greenlight I somehow never fixed in ember keep
- Restored Bthuangthuv cell name and restored to Roth Roryn region
- Added Services topics to Helnim and Firewatch
- Edited St Felms tower NPCs to match new role
- Removed placeholder bounty notes from Andothren Imperial Commission - these should be re-added later when we have bounties

Fixed missing cell filter

Why's picture

Fixed missing cell filter after the replacement of the Tower of Saint Felms, and updated specific place dialogue mentioning it

>Fixed a bug in the first

abby's picture

>Fixed a bug in the first Firewatch FG quest that prevented the quest from progressing if you killed one of the two Dunmer.

>Fixed a bug in the first Firewatch FG quest that gave you twice the gold if you killed Mervis Ravalan.




>Updated the "Legion Forts:

abby's picture

>Updated the "Legion Forts: Status Reports" document to be in line with EoE edits.

>Resolved the remainder of chef's Deode Legion bug reports, excepting Darnell's ability to get stuck in water sections of Pahunsabi (I am not an inter) and the player's inability to give Darnell the moon sugar before reporting to Vycius in Q5 (the journal entry that you recieve for doing so is 120, compared to 100 for completing the quest.) Closed the bug report.

>Recompiled all the scripts. This needed to be done, apparently.