Tamriel Rebuilt Website Hosting Donations

Welcome to the second dozennial Tamriel Rebuilt website hosting fundraising drive!

Update 2022-10-31: We are pleased to announce that thanks to your generous donations, $2,065.72 has been raised to offset our hosting costs. The outpouring of support has been humbling, and very much appreciated. Our gobsmacked webmaster and Systems Engineer Magamo tells us that the amount raised is equivalent to 18 times our worst-case-scenario monthly hosting bills. Since our goals have been met (and exceeded), we have removed the donation link and we are closing this fundraiser. On behalf of Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel, a sincere THANK YOU to anyone who donated or helped spread the word! And be sure to read Magamo's own words on the fundraiser and his work for our projects here.

Update 2022-10-06: Within six hours of this post going live, we reached $1000 raised! This message will stay up for at least another week, possibly until the end of the month, for those who still want to contribute and help fund our hosting costs for the longer term, but consider our immediate needs met and our expectations wildly exceeded! Thank you so much for your support!

Original: Tamriel Rebuilt the project is a long-term, ambitious volunteer effort to create mainland Morrowind. To date, about 40% of the mainland's landmass has been released to the public, and our next two expansions, set to be released simultaneously, are poised to push that percentage closer to 50%, and to bring the number of quests in our released files close to that of the original game. This content is, and always will be, available for free to everyone to play and download. Indeed, TR has a strict policy against paid modding, and we do not accept unsollicited donations. Due to the volunteer nature of our project, TR is essentially a shared hobby of its members and modders, and accepting donations would do little to nothing to speed up development. But that does not mean that keeping our project alive and in the air is without cost. Our website and infrastructure hosting costs are rising, and to alleviate this, we will be accepting donations, for a limited time, through this article. These donations go directly to our webmaster Magamo, who pays our AWS bills. Read on to find out more about our reasoning behind this fundraising drive.

Donation link removed due to our targets being met. Thank you for your support!

The gracious support of our long-time webmaster Magamo has allowed TR to build out and upgrade this website, which serves as both our community hub as well as the platform we use to develop our mod using our claim and asset browser systems. With Magamo's help we have finally restored much of our old forum's functionality, meaning that much of Tamriel Rebuilt's long history is now once again available in a searchable interface. Our website itself has come a long way since its earliest incarnation, and our beloved sister Project Tamriel and our shared Wiki have also moved over to Magamo's infrastructure. Magamo has not only volunteered many hours of work to our project, but also paid for much of our hosting costs out of pocket, occasionally supplemented by private donations from our core membership team. But these recent developments of our websites and infrastructure as well as increased strain on our servers by webscraping bots and generally increased traffic have raised our monthly hosting cost to a point where we find it unconscionable to rely solely on Magamo's undying love and support to keep our website afloat. Nor do we want to reduce the functionality of our website, which is the central pillar that our project is built around, and we want to keep our website free of advertisements, excessive trackers and other shady money-making nonsense.

Our Amazon Web Services monthly hosting fees, 2018-onwards

This means that, for the second time in its existence and the first time since 2010, Tamriel Rebuilt will be opening a channel for donations to support our website hosting. Our short term goal is to raise $1000 to offset the recent and unprecedented spike in hosting fees as well as to pay future hosting bills for the coming year. When this fundraising goal is met or exceeded, we will provide you with an update on this website detailing the amount raised. Despite the flippant hook about dozennial fundraisers, we may see the need to continue doing these in subsequent years, depending on the funds raised this time around. As we said before, this money is solely for hosting our website and content. It will not be used to support mod development or pay modders or artists for their contributions to TR - we have a strict policy against paid modding. Still, if you appreciate our content and want to help us out beyond contributing to the mod itself, consider this your opportunity to help keep both Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel on the internet.

Thank you for your support!


I donated

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everyone tell me what a good boi am I and you better make me a kwama or something in an obscure cave.

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Maybe if you gave an ETA you would deserve a donation. Until then, I snub my nose at your ubiquitous art posting and teasers. Give us a timeline for a content release


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I probably would actually donate if they released their next expansion, but since that is never going to happen, it's a moot point.

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Moot point deez nuts

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The discord is worth checking out if you want a better view on how the project is going. And it's free to join so you should be fine.