"T_MwDe_SetInd_Cul2Empty" and "T_MwDe_SetInd_Cul2Clt"






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T_MwDe_SetInd_Cul2Empty is used throughout Old Ebonheart ints and the model should apparently be that of an imperial Closet as below, but has been switched to that of a Culdem.
T_MwDe_SetInd_Cul2Clt on the other hand has the right model, but also has the naming convention for a Culdem.


The offending lines in the

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The offending lines in the Tamriel_FilePatcher translation file are:

tr_furn_com_closet_02:T_MwDe_SetInd_Cul2Empty (Should be ‘T_MwCom_Furn_Cl2Empty’)
tr_furn_com_closet_02_c:T_MwDe_SetInd_Cul2Clt (Should be ‘T_MwCom_Furn_Cl2Clt’)

‘T_MwDe_SetInd_Cul2Clt’ doesn’t appear anywhere else in Translation.txt (all instances of it are supposed to be ‘MwCom’), so renaming the ID is all that needs to be done.
‘T_MwDe_SetInd_Cul2Empty’ is an existing ID, so these will need to be replaced manually. It looks like only the 5 instances in OE need to be fixed.

Just for the record, worsas

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Just for the record, worsas supplied a patch and I do believe it will be corrected in the next version of Tamriel_Data.

For 1609 (and 1612 I guess) I just switched the assets around to another version of the imperial closet, which was correctly translated. There were only 5 or 6 instances in the game.


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edit: one instance of T_MwDe_SetInd_Cul2Empty in Helnim, Helnim Hall: East Empire Company Headquarters is supposed to be the closet too

Corrected that for the next

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Corrected that for the next release. As with the other instances, the final fix will have to wait until Tamriel_Data has been updated.

This is very, very off-topic,

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This is very, very off-topic, but does someone know what Culdem means? Is it an actual word from real life? Google failed to answer the question.

I have no idea. I think they

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I have no idea. I think they were inspired by Shang Dynasty bronze vessels, but if the name is completely made up, I'm honestly fine with that.

Edit: and yes, I realize this is a very late response, but I missed this the first time, and think it's an interesting question. cheeky

Not fully fixed in Data: no

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Not fully fixed in Data: no container exists with mesh "TR\o\TR_furn_com_closet_02.nif",
and not fixed in the files since that item doesn't exist

- actually that mesh must be now "pc\o\pc_furn_com_closet_02.nif",
Helnim one is ok and is an empty one,
Is a T_Mw_ non-empty version necessary?