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- Temple quests should not reward "drakes",
- Temple quests should not normally reward gold in the first place. Most of Ratagos' quests do. Better rewards?

See also some awkward dialogue and too much "my child" in Ratagos Temple dialogue –




Very nice catch and I agree

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Very nice catch and I agree the dialogue could use some stiffening up to reflect more of a hesitant opposition as well.  One of the main things that I've harped on about the dialogue in our mod is that a lot of the people treat you way to nicely, as opposed to how you are treated in vanilla. I think that there needs to be a little bit more of an ambiguity towards the player, even with the temple there should still be an  underlying sense of not trusting them, or perhaps even them needing to earn more respect. This really needs to be addressed in a lot  of dialogue trees however, and it might be better to wait until we are ready to redo some of the older content to fully expand on what needs to be done. 

I get that, but it still

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I get that, but it still falls into the same category of “overall atmosphere being tainted”.

On further examation there

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On further examation there are many issues with Ratagos’ dialogue as a whole, be it grammar or the fact that he hands over “drakes” as a reward for quests. Will need more extensive fixing in the main file.

(also the last quest still ends with “go to Necrom, the Holy City of the Dead, and report there that a cult of Molag Bal has been discovered” – beyond that unfinished) edit: design claim made

Some of the "my child"s and

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Some of the "my child"s and drakes were removed by reapplying faction patch changes, at least it shouldn't be every line now.
edit: no, there are still "drakes", and the "my child"s are still excessive, even twice in the same line. Reopening this.

Replaced gold reward with a

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Replaced one gold reward with a couple scrolls while hiding this one under a rock, but issue is untouched in general.
Need to do: inventory Temple & TR temple quest rewards, see what is already given to avoid too much repetition
Also see: the best case reward in quest 2 is worse than the second-best, isn't it?