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2016-07-12 20:55
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Just a small showcase after figuring out the CS for the last couple of days.  I envision this the home of a down-on-his luck Hlallu guard who has turned to alcohol after some loss in his life.  Thanks for your time, home you find it interesting if not good.

Binary Data coc "Magamo's Interior Showcase"6.33 KB2017-04-30 16:04
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2016-10-09 23:10
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Looking at your showcase here is what I noticed:
Your file isn't dependent on Tamriel_Data.esm. you should do so, as whether you do modding for us or Project Tamriel, you have to have your files dependent on that file.
Add some more banners, and you should probably stick to one type of banner
To hold the lanterns, it is probably better to use the object furn_de_rope_03.
The center column of the interior has no lights, press 'L' to see where you already have lights
Add some 'furn_de_p_bookshelf_01's to put more clutter on, there are a number of good places to put them.
It may help to have some 'furn_de_p_shelf_02's stacked on top of each other
You should more creatively rotate some of the misc items
bonemold_armun-an_helm 4112.105, 4104.474, 15372.808 - bleeds into floor
light_de_lantern_05_128_S 3433.552, 4066.320, 15297.302 - floats
in_hlaalu_loaddoor_01 24447.008, 4072.823, 15799.283 - way outside of the house
in_ashl_door_01 24578.734, 4082.296, 15765.887 - as above
steel longsword 3999.817, 4079.444, 15421.962 - bleeds into table
repair_journeyman_01 4010.589, 4070.402, 15421.384 - as above
potion_local_liquor_01 4126.425, 3852.491, 15497.188 - bleeds into shelf, raise on z-axis and press 'F'
potion_local_liquor_01 4001.106, 4020.197, 15433.170 - improperly rotated, see object rotation tutorial
Potion_Local_Brew_01 3778.391 3923.395 15225.574 - bleeds into desk
Potion_Cyro_Whiskey_01 4002.953 3854.562 15274.949 - bleeds into de_p_closet_02_de_mclot
misc_uni_pillow_01 3541.554 3722.330 15423.208 - move it further onto the bed, having it be close to the center of the white part
misc_de_tankard_01 4018.018 4006.227 15426.164 - floats, you need it to rest on more than just 2 vertices
misc_com_broom_01 3723.207 3915.579 15161.402 - bleeds into floor, and isn't resting on the desk
misc_com_broom_01 3685.536, 3878.367, 15112.727 - inside of walls
Misc_Com_Bottle_14 3753.561 3925.589 15230.593 - improperly rotated
misc_com_bottle_12 3823.066 3923.211 15229.902 - as above
misc_com_bottle_10 3799.208 3923.726 15231.788 - as above
misc_com_bottle_02 3842.387 3925.238 15229.836 - as above
misc_com_bottle_07 4028.697 4023.906 15431.313 - bleeds into table
light_de_lamp_06 4092.519 4088.592 15244.829 - bleeds into floor, lights don't want to 'F' into place, you have to manually move them down. Go into the object window, and use the arrows on the z position until it is in the right place. the number to the right of that is how much each click of the arrow changes the z coordinate.
light_de_lamp_06 4090.012 3720.072 15501.000 - as above
light_de_lamp_06 3461.715 4094.167 15500.430 - as above
light_de_candle_ivory_01_64 4037.670 4082.083 15430.359 - bleeds into table
light_de_candle_07 4069.437 4087.904 15438.915 - floats
light_de_buglamp_01 4139.655 3777.164 15500.232 - bleeds into shelf and Potion_Local_Brew_01
iron dagger 3537.984 3716.330 15418.019 - floats and bleeds into pillow almost completely
ingred_alit_hide_01 4093.007 3821.194 15172.927 - floats, only one point of contact with crate
Gold_001 3587.583 3689.689 15462.548 - seems to bleed into Gold_005, hard to tell for sure
furn_de_tapestry_10 3774.517 4139.854 15572.605 - have tapestries' ropes either completely bleed into the wall, or not bleed into the wall at all. (like your furn_de_tapestry_01 is)
furn_de_p_table_01 4044.401 4048.418 15393.848 - half of the legs of this table float, you may want to consider switching to a different table.
furn_de_p_shelf_02 4129.491 3819.856 15476.059 - floats. bleed this slightly into the wall
furn_de_p_chair_01 4059.859 3998.384 15402.323 - has 0.1 rotation on X for some reason
furn_de_lightpost_01 3433.778 4106.789 15208.177 - this seems like a weird way to hold lanterns in interiors IMO, you may want to change it but it is up to you.
food_kwama_egg_02 4068.198 3794.777 15243.582 - resting on one vertex, you want it to rest on a plane
chest_small_02_gold_05 3545.622 3679.459 15466.865 - facing wrong way, rotate 180 degrees
bonemold_tshield_hlaaluguard 4066.179 3966.865 15401.040 - bleeds into floor, needs to rest on the chair
bonemold_greaves 3452.913 4055.185 15365.898 - bleeds into wall
bonemold_bracer_left 4050.909 4009.322 15365.051 - rotated 1 degree in Y for some reason
bonemold_boots 4038.262 4105.932 15366.178 - bleeds into floor
bonemold_armun-an_pauldron_r 4097.826 4030.264 15422.663 - floating, improperly rotated
bonemold_armun-an_pauldron_l 4093.304 4056.123 15422.474 - as above
bonemold_armun-an_cuirass 4068.528 4018.169 15422.508 - as above
bk_tamrielicreligions 3828.935 3940.949 15182.158 - as above
bk_BookDawnAndDusk 3774.688 3947.873 15182.635 - as above
barrel_01_drinks 4063.042 3790.684 15206.255 - bleeds into crate very slightly


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Senior DeveloperDeveloperInterior DeveloperReviewer
2016-01-17 13:07
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1 month 3 weeks ago

Thanks for submitting a showcase, Magamo. 

As discussed on Discord, this is a bit light on references at the moment, though in retrospect I overstated it a bit; I'd say anywhere from 140 to 250 would be a reasonable ref count for an interior this size, but try to get it up to 160. As MinerMan60101 says above, bookshelves are great for stuffing with clutter; consider the sort of mundane items the owner is likely to keep around the house for daily use (a basket, some bowls or cutlery, some clothes, etc. Tamriel_Data adds some useful misc items for cluttering under T_Com_* and T_De_*). Also consider decorative clutter like rugs, cushions, plants and so on.  

MinerMan's pointers above are all good, but to clarify on two points:
The iron dagger bleeding into the pillow is fine, as the player will never be able to see the bleeding without picking up the pillow, but do make sure the dagger is resting evenly on the bed surface and not floating as it is currently.
Don't worry about the uneven legs on furn_de_p_table_01; it's an unavoidable feature of the mesh.

Some other things I noticed:
Currently, the wardrobe is positioned quite inconveniently if the owner uses it regularly; there's no space to open the door with the crates/barrel in the way.
You should replace the light_de_buglamp_01 with a more mundane lantern; the buglamp is quite rare in vanilla MW.

I'll emphasize MinerMan's suggestion to read through the object placement tutorial (found in the Handbook); it walks through the process of fitting objects on to uneven surfaces and gives a good indication of TR's standards for bleeding/floating objects.

I'll hold off on a full review until the interior is a little more cluttered, but it's a nice start!