Hlaalu-Thirr Section




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Needs attention before use! There are some odd scripts around that I can't make heads or tails of.

At least one quest, TR_m4_wil_RethilScribPie, relies on an NPC which is not placed in-game.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for the eastern Thirr should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Merged Bugfixes: 


The NPCs should be done,

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The NPCs should be done, maybe the one which is missing (that orc in Rethil Plantation, now renamed) will be back. But the others should be final.

So yeah, I think this is good for questing now.

I had to cut out some scripts

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I had to cut out some scripts to get it to work (the journal entries in Teyn don't exist and so the scripts don't work) but other than that it seems fine

Oh, I was going to check up

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Oh, I was going to check up on those and finish them where I could. I'd rather you leave them in actually, just give me pointers on what was supposed to happen?

A WIP file

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Uploading a WIP file to showcase the Aanthirin visual update.

  • applied new ground textures
  • replaced instances of T_Glb_Flora_Fern01-02 with our new Orange Moss (which needs a new name)
  • replaced instances of Bitter Coast mushrooms with our new Amanita Muscaria (which also needs a new name)

Still need to search and replace the old lilypads with our new ones.



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hlaal_loaddoor_01    Andothren (-1,-17)    -1969    -131208    1715    "missing int"    
hlaalu_loaddoor_ 02    Andothren (-1,-17)    -761    -137657    2088    "missing int"    
hlaalu_loaddoor_ 02    Andothren (0,-16)    4435    -125104    260    "missing int"    
ex_h_trapdoor_01    Andothren (0,-17)    4991    -133918    500    "missing int"    
door_dwrv_load00    Andothren (0,-16)    7991    -123062    3056    "missing int"    
ex_velothi_loaddoor_01    Aanthirin Region (5,-17)    41018    -137844    886    "missing int"    
Ex_De_Shack_Door    Ascadian Bluffs Region (4,-18)    36872    -147286    326    "missing int"    
hlaalu_loaddoor_ 02    Aanthirin Region (2,-20)    20861    -160905    747    "missing int"    
hlaalu_loaddoor_ 02    Aanthirin Region (2,-20)    22202    -161623    488    "missing int"    
ex_velothi_entrance_02    Aanthirin Region (4,-22)    34562    -179051    2646    "steam coming out for some reason?"    
hlaal_loaddoor_01    Aanthirin Region (4,-24)    33484    -189502    659    "missing int"    
hlaal_loaddoor_01    Aanthirin Region (4,-26)    36433    -205905    2160    "missing int"    
In_DB_door_oval    Aanthirin Region (1,-24)    12724    -192492    7321    "missing int"    
In_DB_door_oval    Aanthirin Region (1,-24)    11096    -195160    5695    "old mournhold complex missing ints"    
Ex_De_Shack_Door    Indal-ruhn (2,-28)    22632    -222843    306    "missing int"    
ex_cave_door_01    Ascadian Bluffs Region (2,-16)    22054    -128721    183    "missing int"    

Uploaded a WIP. Giving this

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Uploaded a WIP. Giving this file to mort for a quick NPC placement thing.

No change log yet as I expect to be working on this soonish again.

Uploaded an edited version

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Uploaded an edited version for merging with the September release. Do not merge things with it, Rats probably still has an in-progress file!
What's changed:

  • Roadsigns edited/moved to T_D,
  • Factions merged,
  • Bulk swapped in the new trees.

Whenever this starts being

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Whenever this starts being worked on again, I have a quick change for this claim. In the exterior of the Dwemer Ruin, 'Bthungtch' at the southernmost part of the section file (and adjacent to my exterior claim), there is a patch of grass with the texture 'AI_Grass' I just want this swapped with 'AI_Grass_02' so it is more consistent with the rest of the region.