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Elvilde, the guild guide in the Old Ebonheart is a greedy lady. She charges 110gp for a single trip to Bosmora. The trip back is only 11gp so I'm pretty sure she's ripping me off. The guild guides in Akamor and Androthen behave similarly (100+ prices).


While my quest showcase is

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While my quest showcase is ready to review/in review, I wouldn't mind trying to fix this if it's okay. Or someone more qualified can do it, either way (seems like a simple fix, unless I'm missing something).

However, the writer in me says this could be a great idea for a quest involving a greedy mages guild guide over pricing people (perhaps a future Andothren/Kragen Mar/any Narsis District Mages Guild quest?) to pay off his/her debts.


Well then I'll let you guys

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Well then I'll let you guys handle it since it'd probably take less than a minute. Thank you anyways.


Might be because the Bosmora

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Might be because the Bosmora location is in an exterior and Morrowind is tracking the correct distance for once. As such it would be an engine limitation and not something we can fix until we replace Bosmora with Lan Murha (in the year of the lord 2090 or thereabout).

If so it could be fixed by

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If so it could be fixed by sticking the NPC into the Market,
or better yet by removing it, since it doesn't make any sense for Bosmora as it exists to have a guild guide in the first place.