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Something needs to be decided about whether to edit/disable it in a plugin (TR_Factions?) or remove the TR additions and just let recommended third-party fixes disable it,
but regardless of that, here are old notes on issues with what TR adds to block the original Bloodmoon dialogue:


"[He mumbles something; it doesn't seem important] Ooo iiaann moof fomm hee. Wiif moo an wooves."
- condition should be either >= 50 or <= 50 (to mirror unfixed or fixed vanilla spam conditions)

"A place not for the weak, and this is not just about physical strength."
- TR_m1_Hasilius_Brahn nondrunk entry forgot to have a condition, unlike the one below which it blocks. best condition would be >= 50 or leaving as 35 to avoid holes

"That's an island north of Blacklight. My brother works there in"
"That's where my brother worked... Dralora, my sister-in-law, wrote me he was killed"
- death conditions should be reversed

"Nords and snow is what that place is all about. And I hate them both."
"Yes, I know of it. It's an island located northwest of Vvardenfell. Why would anyone want to go there, I don't know."
"Nords and snow is what that place is all about. And I heartily hate them both."
- Ranyon-Ruhn & Aranyon ones should at least have a "BM < 100" condition like the rest of TR
- ideally the above would be BM <= 50 and nolore, but that would be assuming vanilla fixed

"I'm not sure where it is exactly."
- the generic m1 entry replicates the bad vanilla conditions intentionally (it displays the line without nolore and so long as not gone to Solstheim) and would have to be fixed if relying on third-party fixes
- Ashamul cell entries would then also have nolore


I know I'm not a dev yet so

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I know I'm not a dev yet so my word doesn't really hold much weight, but I'd rather just leave it for the Sosltheim Rumor Fix mod if it also fixes for the mainland. Though a strong argument can be made that (I believe) it'd be an easy fix that'd save players a plugin if we did it in one of TR's plugins.


I recall Infragris talking

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I recall Infragris talking about just putting the fix in Tamriel Data over in PT's Discord, we might want to check on that or something.

Yes, the idea was that a

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Yes, the idea was that a common set of fixes (Solstheim and Almalexia topics) is needed for provinces anyway so they could be in a separate file, or the exact same fixes could just be integrated by each province.