14.08 [August 31, 2014]

General Notes:

  • This is the first release using our new unified release method. Both completed/playable lands and uncompleted Alpha lands are included in this file. Users who wish to use the Alpha should not use their main save, as it is strictly meant for testing only. The Alpha is optional, and does not replace TR_Mainland, it runs alonngside it to give our complete landmass.
  • No major landmass additions to our main file. The main file update was originally billed as "Sacred East 1.6".

Main Playable Release (TR_Mainland.esm):

  • Large landscape overhaul east and north of Bosmora. West Gash mountains and landscape of poor quality has been replaced by more Lan Orethan Forest. This is an ongoing change that will eventually extend the forest to the Eastern Coast, removing the towns of Enamor Dayn and the Nedothril Coast region altogether.
  • The remainder Fighters guild quests for Akamora have been added. After finishing Amiro's quests (which have also been tweaked from the previous release), you can now accept two additional quests from Circus Leonos, as well as (depending on how you handled Amiro's final quest) the final three quests offered by Laalvo Irano. These quests are incredibly complex and deep, and we hope you enjoy unwraveling the story of Akamora's Fighters' Guild!
  • Additional quests have been added for the Akamora Guild of Mages. You can now recieve quests from Francine Aldard.
  • You can now perform a batch of quests for the East Empire Company in Helnim. Speak to Culenne and Zaren Hammebenat after joining the faction.
  • Several miscellaneous quests have been added in Akamora, Dreynim, Gorne, and some in the wilderness. We won't spoil these for you, so go ahead and find them!
  • Several new books have been added, and some updated. The new books replace some really old books that were not up to our standard.
  • Fixed numerous bugs from the old Sacred East 1.5 release.

Alpha (TR_Alpha.esp)

  • Land Additions: Northwestern Morrowind: This includes the far northwestern reaches of Morrowind along the Skyrim border. You can now explore the city of Baan Malur (Blacklight), as well as the hinterlands of Uld Vraech, home to indeingeous Nords descended from the Eastern Marches of the Empire of First Men. (Note the exteriors in this area are generally not finished, so do not report any bugs here). With the exception of the city of Almalexia, this Alpha file now contains the entirety of our unreleased, WIP content.
  • Implemented Region paint and proper cell names.
  • Addition of several new dungeons (caves and tombs) in the Thirr River area.
  • NPC overhaul of West Thirr area. Updated dialogue to conform with master plan.
  • Indal-rhun redone to conform with master plan.
  • Roa Dyr converted from a town to the manor complex of Draler Ilvi in accordance with our concept for House Indoril.
  • Numerous bugfixes from the previous version of the alpha.