15.10 [October 8, 2015]

General Notes

  • This release is the second made using our unified release system. A notable change is that this will kick off Tamriel Rebuilt's 90-day update cycle.
  • TR_Alpha has been renamed to TR_Preview. Please remove any instances of TR_Alpha.esp, as it is no longer compatible with this release.
  • No major landmass additions have been made to this file. This is a maintenance release, though several new additions have been made to the Preview file (see below).
  • A multitude of bugfixes have been made.

Main Release (TR_Mainland.esm)

  • No Changes or additions. Mods using 14.08 as a master should be able to continue using them alongside this release.

Preview Release (TR_Preview.esp, formerly TR_Alpha)

  • Land Additions: The unfinished heightmap of Southern Morrowind, and our current iteration of the City of Almalexia have been added to the file for the viewing pleasure of players, completing our visible landmass. Since Almalexia is on hiatus, and will eventually be redone, we offer no support for any problems you may encounter in these unfinished areas.
  • Old Ebonheart's interiors and NPCs have been added and merged, with the exception of the castle area.
  • The Western Thirr River Valley has been slightly overhauled, though is very much a work in progress (please don't report errors here). A new canyon trench area is being made in the area bordering the river valley and the regions further west.
  • Roa Dyr is being reworked from a town to the estate chapel of Draler Ilvi, in accordance with our concept for House Indoril. This area is a work in progress, so avoid reporting errors here.
  • A new Velothi town, Vhul, has been added at the former site of Draler Ilvi's Manor, just south of Dondril. It's interiors and NPCs are a work-in-progress.
  • Several major placement errors have been patched up in Andothren.
  • Several  major land seams have been patched up (although placement errors may remain).

Asset Files (TR_Data.esm/TR_Data.bsa)

ESM File Changes

  • Armor Fixes
    •   TR_a_daedric_lords_gauntlet_lef => Model fix to tr\a\tr_a_dae_l_gaunt_gnd.nif
    •   TR_a_daedric_lords_gauntlet_rig => Model fix to tr\a\tr_a_dae_l_gaunt_gnd.nif
    •   TR_a_daedric_lords_helm => Model fix to tr\a\tr_a_dae_l_helm.nif
    •   TR_a_daedric_lords_pauldron_lef => Model fix to tr\a\tr_a_dae_l_pauld_gnd.nif
    •   TR_a_daedric_lords_pauldron_rig => Model fix to tr\a\tr_a_dae_l_pauld_gnd.nif
    •   (Checked body parts and those were set properly).
  • Activator Fixes
    •   TR_act_banner_0E01 – removed Name
    •   TR_act_ex_Ashl_G_Banner – removed Name
    •   TR_act_ex_Ashl_S_Banner – removed Name
    •   TR_act_ex_Ashl_SW_Banner – removed Name