16.03 [March 29, 2016]

General Notes:

  • This is a maintenance release.
  • An optional plugin enabling fast travel between Vvardenfell and Mainland Morrowind has been packaged. This plugin will eventually be integrated with the main content file.

Main Release: (TR_Mainland.esm)

  • The following bugfixes have been made
    •   Sailen, The Toiling Guar: Major Bug where Erer Savil could not give rental bed to player fixed.
    •   Bad Alpha on the NDIB tree set (large canopy trees present in the Thirr River and Lan Orethan region) fixed.
    •   NDIB Texture/mesh updated accordingly to reflect quality issues.

Preview Release: (TR_Preview.esp)

  • The southern heightmap has been updated to better reflect our plans for the southern portion of Morrowind, particularly the coastlines have been refined.
  • Old Ebonheart NPCs now have limited local dialogue.
  • Old Ebonheart has additional detail and placement fixes.

Asset Files (TR_Data.esp/TR_Data.bsa) (16.03)

  • New Sound Files Added:
    • For Velk Creature: tr\r\velk moan.wav, tr\r\velk scream.wav
    • For Vermai Creature: tr\r\vermai moan.wav, tr\r\vermai roar.wav, tr\r\vermai scream.wav
  • Renamed texture file tr\Woodpost01.dds to tr\tr_wood_05.dds.
  • Fixed momofishbeheaded01.nif & momofishbeheaded02.nif that referenced it.
  • Replaced tr_flora_tree(s) 01 – 12 with newer versions.
  • Adjusted the Alpha Threshold in the NiAlphaProperty of the nif files from 64=>128. This was needed to remove some of the silverish lining around some of the leaves.
  • Several textures were updated. See TextureFixes1603.odt for complete list of the textures that were updated and what was done to them.
  • Texture updates include:
    1. Removing blank, transparent areas from textures that did not use the transparent area.
    2. Downsizing some of our larger textures to conform with Vanilla MW style. We are in the process of starting an HD version of our textures. This will be available at some future date, when we have more HD textures.
    3. Downsizing other textures due to blurriness.
    4. Saving textures in proper compression format DXT1 – Alpha channel not used at all DXT3 – Alpha channel set to only 2 value; opaque or transparent. DXT5 – Alpha channel has a range of values from 0.0 to 1.0 (or 0 to 255).

Travel: (TR_Travel.esp)

  • Travel routes have been further adjusted between Vvardenfell and the Mainland (including sites in TR_Preview). Note that if you do not load TR_Preview, you will get a warning message about some locations not being present.
  • Divine/Almsivi Intervention markers have been added in certain areas.
  • Consult the following map (http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/media/392) for full details.

Known Issues:

- Major lag in Old Ebonheart, Akamora, Lan Orethan, and some parts of the Oran Plantation. Further optimization is in progress.