17.09 [September 27, 2017]

General Notes:

  • This is the third release using Tamriel_Data. Tamriel Rebuilt no longer contains asset files, please download Tamriel_Data version 04 or later and follow the install instructions.


  • Implemented new Orethan river bed and eastern coast
  • Roadsign IDs have been unified and moved to Tamriel_Data v04+
  • Faction Unification, TR-specific factions have been merged back into the Vvardenfell factions; "TR Guilds Unified" has essentially been merged into Tamriel Rebuilt
  • Replaced several instances of long-since deprecated books


  • Assorted bugfixes
  • Ordinators-in-Mourning have been given new voices, courtesy of MorrowindShorts, and unique scripts for keeping order in Necrom
  • Dialogue referring to the Valley of Mephala, now located in the Mephalan Vales, has been changed to account for the naming confusion
  • Removed the Bal Oyra Silt Strider port and the Tel Ouada Shipmaster
  • Contains the first unique NPCs for TR_Travels, the Seyda Neen Shipmaster, and the Vivec and Firewatch Mages Guild Hub Guide
  • Added a few Ancestor Ghosts to Necrom to liven up the place
  • Replaced a few books in the Telvanni Library with more up-to-date ones
  • New quest „Free at Last“ added to the Erethan Plantation


  • First release of TR_Factions
  • Contains dialogue edits to account for unified factions, essentially no longer pretending that no mainland exists beyond Vvardenfell
  • Contains reaction tables between TR‘s factions and Vvardenfell‘s
  • Players now need to fulfill more quests in order to gain rank in the Great House Telvanni, Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and to a lesser extent Thieves Guild, Imperial Cult and Tribunal Temple, to compensate for the added mainland quests
  • Adds a teleport door between the Sadrith Mora Council House and the Port Telvannis Parliament of Bugs, now that they are not ignoring each other anymore
  • Adds mainland councilors to the Telvanni Hortator questline
  • Rilvin Dral disappears during the Hortator quests in preparation for his eventual role in the revamped Telvanni questline


  • Replaced some generic travel NPCs with unique ones provided by TR_Mainland
  • Reworked the travel line from Tel Branora to Sadrith Mora, leaving it a one-stopover at Marog
  • Removed the Vos to Sadrith Mora travel line added by previous versions of TR_Travels


  • Aanthirin visual overhaul has been started, turning the region into a more unique and interesting place
  • Almas Thirr dialogue, NPCs, and interiors updated and edited
  • Felms Ithul has been reworked and the remains of the Drothil Estate were expunged
  • Roa Dyr doorways are now actually passable
  • Menaan, Kartur, Arvud, and the Ishanuran Camp have been fully interiored
  • Updated Kartur‘s exterior cells in regards to consistency and detailing
  • Updated Teyn‘s interiors
  • Updated Teyn‘s surroundings to make it the "default" exploration area of a low-level PC
  • Massive Old Ebonheart exterior overhaul, both to remove FPS impact and to overhaul the aesthetics, such as the two statues in the harbour and on the main gate
  • First few interiors for the Ebon Tower have been merged
  • Added three misc quests in Old Ebonheart ("Oh What Customs!", "A Criminal Lawyer", and "Illicit Inspiration")
  • Added the "At play in the Meadows of Malacath" quest to Dondril


  • First release of TR_OldTravels
  • Contains the worldspace implementation of the Bal Oyra Silt Strider port and the Tel Ouada Shipmaster
  • This plugin is necessary if you want to play Tamriel Rebuilt in conjunction with Abot‘s Boats or Abot‘s Silt Striders


  • Only release of TR_ConvertFactionProgress
  • Contains a script that converts faction progress in the mainland factions to the Vvardenfell ones, for older saved games.