18.07 [July 31, 2018]

General Notes

  • This is the fourth release using Tamriel_Data. Tamriel Rebuilt no longer contains asset files, please download Tamriel_Data version 06 hotfix 01 or later and follow the install instructions.


  • Corrected some lingering mainland faction problems
  • First uses of a new variable in Tamriel_Data - T_Glb_GetTeleportingDisabled - disabling scripted teleports when non-scripted teleports have been disabled


  •  Assorted bugfixes concerning joining and advancing in House Telvanni
  •  Removed duplicate dialogue entries
  •  Changed various clothes, as they were originally intended to be used only for factions such as the Morag Tong or the Temple
  •  Reassigned deprecated assets to their new IDs, such as the Colovian bread
  •  More assorted bugfixes
  •  Added Nerevarine notices (part of the main quest) to relevant interiors on the mainland
  •  Merged northern Aanthirin with the city of Old Ebonheart and the towns of Vhul, Dondril, and Felms Ithul
  •  Merged over 60 quests, including Old Ebonheart faction questlines for Mages, Fighters, and Thieves Guilds, Imperial Legion and Cult, and the East Empire Company
  •  Added a new, NPC-only faction: Syvvit Tong (Swindler's Guild)
  •  Added a banking system to Old Ebonheart (Briricca Private Bank)
  •  The remnant activators for Id Vano have been removed; this should be an internal change only
  •  Added a unique encounter to the cave of Maesabun


  • Assorted bugfixes
  • Made it clear that Rilvin Dral disappears during the Hortator questline and there's no point in looking for him 


  • Created new TR_Travels, connecting the Mainland and Vvardenfell only
  • A different esp has been added to the Extras folder if connections between Mainland, Preview, and Vvardenfell are desired


  • Changed Septim's Gate Pass to Knocker's Neck Pass, a Redoran-style border fort with a ruined Reman-style tower nearby, replacing the existing Imperial border fort and tower
  • Roth-Roryn visual overhaul has been started, turning the region into a more unique and interesting place
  • Exterior overhaul for Roa Dyr, turning it from a generic Mournhold-style town into an Indoril chapel-stronghold
  • Added overhauls to Andothren, including a new Dwemer tower
  • Added several Velothi dwellings to the Ascadian Bluffs
  • Various minor changes to Almas Thirr (landscape, exterior & an additionally named cell)
  • NPCs and dialogue have been added to Menaan and Gol Mok


  •  No changes