18.09 [September 17, 2018]

General Notes

  • This release marks 2 years since Tamriel_Data was first introduced. As a reminder, Tamriel Rebuilt no longer contains asset files, please download Tamriel_Data version 06 hotfix 01 or later and follow the install instructions. But if you have the 18.07 release installed and working properly, you don't need to do this -- you already have the right Tamriel_Data.


  • The "An Empress' Ransom" quest has seen a few improvements. In particular, it should now correctly function if the player already has found the required artefact beforehand. Also, various NPCs in this quest should now be correctly enabled/disabled, and the guards should no longer confiscate the player's stolen items during the negotiations.
  • Various quests have seen their scripts hardened against an obstinacy of the AITravel instruction. This should prevent scenes from getting stuck if the player rests/waits while the scene is ongoing (specifically, while an NPC is moving somewhere). This is mostly experimental -- we have not checked all of the scenes.
  • The "A Deadly Treasure" quest should now be working correctly, even if the player disables the lightning crystal before starting the quest.
  • The "A Criminal Lawyer" quest has been fixed in a few places; in particular, Reynant's bounty-fixing service now works.
  • In Hadrumnibibi, some inaccessible items have been made accessible, and sleeping is no longer illegal.
  • The cursed daedric staff in the Old Ebonheart Mages Guild now works as it was meant to.
  • The "Freedom for a Fiend" quest now works correctly in OpenMW.
  • The entrance of Balsincag Diamond Mine got swapped with that of an ancestral tomb nearby for logic reasons.
  • Nearby, a certain bandit is now harder to access.
  • The quests of the Old Ebonheart Fighters Guild cannot be done out of order anymore; this should prevent players from missing a crucial piece of direction. Also, the very first quest of the Guild now includes directions from various NPCs.
  •  The Necrom Causeway is now traversable by foot again (though it remains to be improved).
  • The Briricca Bank dialogue should now correctly work in OpenMW.
  • The "fix the mess" mini-quest in "Ebon Tower, Imperial Census Office" has gotten various repairs and improvements.
  • Aquilinius in Old Ebonheart now offers training to Blades, as his dialogue suggests.
  • The script on the crank in the Old Ebonheart sewers now works as intended.
  • Vols Valdri now disappears as expected after an Imperial Legion quest.
  • Two items required for a certain Old Ebonheart miniquest have been enchanted so that the player cannot break the quest by enchanting them. A hint has been added for that miniquest.
  • The “give orders” topic for the Old Ebonheart Imperial Legion quest now correctly disappears after the quest is finished.
  • Fixed Merchant Dispute journal triggering on barrister, added line of dialogue to Vedam Dren.
  • Various fixes to "Don't Touch My Gems!" quest.
  • A see-through hole in the ceiling of the Ebon Tower sewers has been fixed.
  • The ambiguous race of a slave in the "The Slave Trade" quest has been fixed.
  • Learning the "task" topic too early can no longer break the Tribunal main quest.
  • The "A Mission Failed" Imperial Cult quest should no longer register Elmonder as healed if he isn't.
  • A certain cave in the Verulas pass should now be easier to get through even with tall characters; also, the dialogue of the NPCs therein has been revamped completely. The cave may still be moved, removed or repurposed in future updates; do not use it as storage space.
  • The "Religious Inquiry" quest in Sailen no longer gets stuck if the player kills the daedroth prematurely.
  • Various missing ownerships added (e.g., to items in the Briricca bank, and to locked doors in Vhul).
  • Fixed the final EEC quest Merxia not teleporting unless you entered her cell.
  • Yggulf the Mute is now actually mute in all circumstances.
  • Fixed remaining placeholder books/scrolls not having correct names or text.
  • Removed some activator shrines from tombs/interiors that had too many.
  • The “training” topic is no longer used for dialogue (as it conflicted with the training functionality); the two responses are now at the “my training” topic.
  • The final instances of the odd looking flying dwemer machines (“flying nameless thing”/”dwemer explodo”) have been removed.
  • Various typos and floaters fixed, landscape and shading slightly improved, and the occasional awkward dialogue or journal entry rewritten.


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