20.02 [February 28, 2020]

General Notes:

  • This is a bugfix release.
  • Minimal additional content has been added to TR_Mainland and TR_Preview.


  • Added Windbreaker Keep on an island in the east, rounding out Uriel V's naval bases.
  • Added the Balhadarshad Den, where nothing shady is happening yet.
  • Landscape and lantern changes in Marog.
  • Rilmas Atheryon in Marog no longer blocks the way.
  • Unblocked a stairway in the OE Mages Guild.
  • Aurelia Draconis now leads you to a house in Felms Ithul, not a script error.
  • Ordinators in Mourning no longer dare to care if a Curate or above is running around Necrom or brandishing a weapon.
  • Several NPCs all over the place no longer suffer from bad filtering and cease refering to themselves in third person.
  • Tur Julan inhabitants no longer go hostile towards low-ranked Temple players.
  • Tel Aranyan's items are no longer largely unowned.
  • Surefeet is no longer sold in Emercius' Quality Wares.
  • Laalalvo Irano no longer thinks the Protector of the Fighter's Guild is too low-ranked for some quests.
  • Mages Guilds have received additional blue candles and lanterns.
  • Corrected some instances which would leave with teleportation disabled.
  • The quest note for "A Champion Lost" should now spawn correctly under all circumstances.
  • Toned down Indoril Ulyn's signet ring.
  • Fixed an issue causing a disabling of player controls in OpenMW during the "Face Stealer" quest.
  • Corrected player teleportation scripts because Morrowind's script engine is amazing.
  • Added some generic "little advice" replies for the Mainland and edited advice for Temple and Cult advancement.
  • Added a boat travel option from Roa Dyr to Roa Dyr (other river bank).
  • Changed all book scripts to be compatible with OpenMW. Note to third party modders: check https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/openmw-compatible-book-scripts
  • Fixed some floaters and bleeders, as usual.
  • Corrected various dialogue errors.


  • No changes.


  • P&M: Corrected travel lines to Verarchen.
  • P&M: Added Omaynis as a travel designation.


  • Started an overhaul of the Andothren exterior.
  • As part of this, the Dwemer Lighthouse has temporarily been removed until a new model becomes available.
  • Updated existing exteriors in Roth-Roryn to add Omaynis, a new Hlaalu town.
  • Othmura, Ald Marak, and Ald Iuval had their exteriors slightly overhauled and expanded.
  • Removed the Ring of Eidolon's Edge and changed Eidolon's Tomb to Gedran Burial.
  • Changed Arv-Shadan to Arvs-Shadan.
  • Resolved an issue with the mainland propylon network.
  • Various interiors were merged.


  • No changes.