2015 02 07 Meeting Summary


This is a summary of the Skype meeting that took place on Saturday, February 7, 2015 based on my notes. The meeting was very short, as there wasn't much to talk about. The next meeting will probably be on the topic of Imperial guilds, and will probably take place on Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 6:00 PM GMT/UTC.

We touched on the topic of Almas Thirr, though we didn't really make any progress on it; namely the issue of consolidating the cross purposes of Almas Thirr as an important land and river trade and travel node; its role as a Temple stronghold mediating between the two factions in the Thirr River Conflict and its likely role as the site of Veloth crossing the Thirr. My two settlement proposal was brought up (Sept. 02 here) as a possible solution, but the matter requires further discussion.
An early assessment of the extent of work required for Almas Thirr -- especially in the way of interior work -- was also attempted, but again requires further discussion.

A few meshes were discussed; Wolli's stone ridge and peak meshes, the textures of which are too blurry when viewed from up-close and may require improving; Seneca's Imperial tileset assets, which should facilitate work on Old Ebonheart Castle and perhaps future instances of the Imperial fort tileset, though already-completed interiors will naturally not be updated to use the assets; and the creature resources recently linked here.
Of the last, concerns were raised about quality of (many of the creatures look cobbled-together) and demand for such creatures. While it is not yet clear whether Uld Vraech would benefit from creatures like the Hill Giant and Frost Monarch, for the most part we are more interested in creatures that seem more at home in Morrowind's alien landscapes, like many of the creatures drawn by Crucifigo and Nalin's Uld Vraech creature.

We also shortly discussed the current shortage of unclaimed interiors. While more interiors are coming down the pipeline, we do not feel the current shortage to be a very large concern. If no interiors within the current sections are ready to put up, none will be put up, just like no Uld Vraech exterior claims are currently up for claiming even though there are currently no unclaimed exteriors for exterior developers to pick up as a result.

The rest of the meeting was essentially discussing i3-743-Ind (the sinkhole claim) and my grumbling about the difficulties Lan Orethan will present us when we eventually return to it and the innovative nature of TR's Old Mournhold ruins.

As a side note, I apologize for taking so long to post these notes; I've been sick since the Skype meeting.