2015 08 15 Meeting Summary


This is a summary of the Skype meeting that took place on Saturday; August 15, 2015. We were supposed to further discuss the pipeline, but that ended up not working out that well. Mostly we just rambled a bit.

A returning topic this week was the site restructure. The progress on that can be best followed in its own thread, but I'll list a few of the decisions we made for the sake of the log. First, we decided that we should really repost the modding tutorials in a visible place at some point. For now, they can be linked through a sticky. We also decided to leave the section stickies alone for now, since they're not that bad.

We did briefly manage to discuss the topic of the pipeline. The only real decision we made was about our 90-day release schedule, and how TR_Data would fit into that. To avoid confusion, TR_Data will be updated shortly before each release of TR_Preview.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled random topics.

Since the Hlaalu-Thirr section has seen very little activity, we've decided to close it for now, to focus on Indoril-Thirr and Old Ebonheart.
At some point we should really discuss Swiftoak's new names. He's been changing a lot of names in his map, but nobody seems to know if we're actually going to use them.
At some point we should really open communications with the OpenMW team, both for the sake of giving feedback on their CS, and so we can hopefully have some input on what features get added post-1.0.
A thread should be made about how much of our old work we're willing to redo for the sake of our new pipeline.
We attempted to start the new Master Plan, but that didn't get very far. Making a (semi-)publically accessible document was suggested, which would hopefully make people less afraid of contributing to the document.

In the end, we decided to wait for a while before we continue discussing the pipeline. An updated version is being written which will take the feedback into account. From there, we can figure out how much work it still needs.