2015 08 22 Meeting Summary


This is a summary of the Skype meeting that took place on Saturday, August 22, 2015, where we discussed some minor details of the pipeline. For the most part everyone seemed satisfied with the pipeline, so no major changes were made. As for the decisions that were made:

We are not starting from scratch. Furthermore, any content we decide to redo will have a lower priority than making new content, especially when it comes to finishing the landmass.

Anonytroll proposed that we could make a sort of 'bounty hunt' for the creation of self-contained content. People from outside the TR community could be asked to create assets, or even redesign certain areas, such as cities. If we like what they come up with, we use it in TR.

Books that will be found all over the place should be written first. After that, we can write some niche books. For this, we will need a list of books we want.
The creation of new books can also be done outside the TR community in the 'bounty hunt' system described above.
Also, books from other games/sites can also potentially be used in TR. If you like one, post it on the forums. Obviously, the need to have a purpose in the game/story.

Some minor interiors could be set aside for showcases. This would make sure that people don't feel like they're wasting their time making a showcase.
Something similar could be done with caves. Since they don't need to be planned in as much detail, we could even put up claims for them before the exterior is finished.

There should be style guides for the various types of environments/interiors. They're not super strict, and deviations are allowed. However, these should be intentional, and should probably be discussed before you make them.

Once we've finished a section, we put it in TR_Mainland and turn that into a release. Larger announcements can be made when significant areas are done, similar to the old system.
We would need someone to actually make those announcements/be a general PR person.