2015 12 05 Meeting Summary


Skype Meeting Summary Notes for December 05 2015

Recording starts mid-conversation

Rift Pass could be transformed into a normal Dunmer stronghold – maybe with shrine to St. Felms.

NOTE: Need to fix Passes in TR_Preview (Passes are not labeled properly)

Historical Events

Veloth's Route. This is primarily a straight line from west to east. Ending in the Necrom area, where Veloth then continues off to the east.

Need “Pilgrims Path” for Mainland. Need to figure out later where the shrines will be.

History of Old Ebonheart.
See book TR_bk_HistoryEbon_gro “The Ebon Heart of Morrowind: A History” by Qualia Tarvix.
Sewer system (TR_i3-591-Imp) currently has Liche Gate, Hall of Kings Pass, Katariah Tomb.
May want to add a shrine/temple to Lokhan (aka Shezarr) in Ebonheart. It should be in the Old Mournhold Style. Possibly an ancestral tomb to the Raathim (Ra'athim) – the royal family of Morrowind.

Raathim family were a Great House but then elevated to a position of power. Imperial propaganda elevated the family to its “Royal” status.

Would the Raathim have a separate ancestor tomb?
Do we want 2 ancestor shrines under Old Ebonheart?
Shrine to Lokhan should be under Old Ebonheart Castle.
Should it be a known location or should there be a door? Maybe the Archaeological Society could be looking for it.

What exactly was the settlement at the site of Old Ebonheart?
Was it a city or just a castle estate (the Raathim Family)? A really prominent family held a lot of land. The castle estate was burnt to the ground. The Raathim clan had relations with Indoril and Hlaalu. After the mass suicide, the Indoril side died out and the Hlaalu side of the family came into power. The Hlaalu side of the family gave the estate grounds to the Empire. The estate was huge.

Possible ways to show the estate ruins.
1. Raathim estate somewhere else
2. Make temple of Lokhan ruin larger (top = castle estate ruins, below = Lokhan shrine)
3. Maybe scatter ruins around the area

OE Grotto Claim? Could link to Raathim Family Shrine, or a Dunmer Stronghold, or Old Mourhold ruin.

Events leading up to the Armistice:
Was there an Imperial invasion? Or the destruction was caused by inter-house conflict?

Issue: How did Hlaalu come to control “Watersmarch?”
- A lot of the land fell to house Hlaalu.
- If there was an Imperial invasion, the Hlaalu let the Imperials into Morrowind. Or the Armistice gave the land to House Hlaalu. For the Hlaalu support, the Imperials gave the land to them.
- Maybe House Redoran was in a bad state at the time.

Architectural History
Chimer people first lived in caves, along mountains. Shrines in mountains. Ashlander / Ancestral Burial sites. Built Velothi Towers. Then moved to plains and built Velothi Strongholds (aka Dunmer Strongholds?).

Velothi Towers are the oldest buildings.
Possibly these towers were Academies or Places of Scholarship, devoted to the old ways of Veloth.
Places of learning. Or just the first building built by the “Chimer”, for communal groups.

Possibly the towns around Necrom were originally Velothi towers. As the settlements grew, the towers were taken down or maybe they are in ruins under the towns. May just want to add some dialog about this, or books. Could possibly add towers as trade houses.

Dreshaan Plains building = Dunmer Stronghold style.

Propylon Chambers:
- Messenger system for the clans that controlled the strongholds.
- Only one Propylon Index due to game-play.

Dunmer Strongholds:
-Military Posts and or Layover posts
-Should be some strongholds on the western coast of the Inner Sea.
-Not really good for transporting troups.

From "Before the Ages of Man" (OBLIVION BOOK)
-Velothi high culture also disappeared on the mainland as well.
- Strongholds built until the war with the Nord.
- Dres continued to build strongholds in their own style.

After Dunmer strongholds, then moved to Velothi towns or Bugshell, Ashlander camps.

Velothi Towers, expect to find the old mournhold ruins, in more of a temple style. The temple style ruins will be used for shrines to the ancestors, as apposed the daedric ruins which were used for worshiping Daedra.

Misc Topics

Drakehold: Because we are putting off changes to Mainland until the end, any changes will be done much much later. Eastern forts were abandoned by the Imperial. Undead may or may not remain here.

Travel Plug-in: Adding dialog. Dialog can be copied/pasted. The dialog can be fixed later. Maps are ready. Plug-in will be a separate esp file, included in the main download files. The stiltstrider port in Bal Oyra was deleted.