2015 12 12 Meeting Summary


MISC NOTES of 12/12/2015 meeting by GNOMEY (post notating)

Website Migration

Github, new site claim system -> move forward outdated claim system

Skype -> try out alternatives to Skype like discord.

Forums -> move over to the new site forum


Skype summaries: summaries are the main bottleneck on Skype meetings; the backlog of summaries to be written has only been increasing, which makes the prospect of more frequent (ie. weekly) meetings seem less desirable, and the often useful discussions we have in the Skype meetings often never really make it to the forums. This will no doubt be an ongoing problem, and there’s a lot of room for improvement, but we have decided on one particular step forward:

The Skype meeting recordings will all be uploaded to a new thread, with the date and subject of the meeting next to a link of each recording. Anyone can download the recordings and either simply listen to them, or help summarize them. A few people already mentioned that they would be willing to pitch in during the meeting.

Of course, many of the meetings are very long, and many don’t have the time to spend over three hours listening to a recording and jotting down notes. However, there’s no need for one person to summarize the whole meeting. Contributors can just summarize as much as they feel like, and then, along with their part of the summary, post between which timestamps they summarized.


-don’t start by trying to write planning documents, which take forever to write; write out bullet points

-when forum discussions reach a gridlock, as often happens, (often people simply stop replying to the topic and it isn’t clear whether a consensus has been reached and what the consensus is), they should be added to the agenda for the next Skype meeting so that they can be resolved there. The forum is good for posting and, to a degree, discussing ideas, but not for reaching a consensus.


MISC NOTES of 12/12/2015 meeting by MSPYERZUKA (post notating)

Github: Let's see how we can integrate - basically, we’ll try it out for a while and see if it works for us. ~Gnomey

GoogleVoice: (added post-meeting) /viewtopic.php?t=25120

Mumble: mentioned as a possible alternative to skype

OpenMW: prospect on potential advertisement/affiliate and coolab potentials

TR:PR: Find more people to join the team and promote TR higher in the search engines



OE: castle interior shell is being worked on by seneca.

Helseth: info on where he and King Athyn Llethan live(d) and his involvement in TR

Cormar: mentioned as possible ducal seat of Velothis District duke


Quests: Not said they will be adding claims sooner than later(before jan)

Quests again: The proposal claims section is important. /viewtopic.php?t=25110

Quests again 2: Not said they are willing to organize quest claims w/ permissions

New forums: showcased to skype meeting, bookmark function within the forum client, permission and claims capabilities, structure by AnonyTroll

Southern Thirr River Valley (including the Nav Andaram Hlaalu player stronghold): Needs exterior work(seneca mentioned the severity vs other priorities)



Anonytroll:Yes, I should probably put in the user menu on the site the next week so people with an account can more conveniently log in and then activate registration for everyone after the holidays.

Not: I'm going to need GMod status again so I can put up claims and organize the quest threads. - this one has been resolved, although an honourable mention could be that Not is now a Lead Dev. ~Gnomey(gratz Not)