2016 01 09 Meeting Summary


Saturday January 9 6:00 GMT "Skype" meeting

Discussion leader: Gnomey

Note-taker (secretary): Kaziem


Proposed Agenda:

  • Manage technical issues of getting everyone into discord
  • 1) Claims + Forums + website:
    • Anonytroll demonstrates the drupal forums + claims browser
    • Not demonstrates the redmine forums + claims browser
    • Kaziem demonstrates using the drupal “book” format to store “sticky thread” information, proposes handbook.
    • We make a decision drupal vs redmine for claims and/or forum software.
  • 2) Progress update on implementation
    • Progress on OE section, what still remains to be done
    • Progress on Thirr section, what still remains to be done
    • Discuss: after OE and Thirr, what lands are next up for implementation?
    • Dres: next up for alpha development. Where we are, what we need to do next. Goals for when ext claims should go up.
  • 3) Misc announcements and updates
    • Call attention to the Assets Needed thread
    • ?


Discord doesn’t allow share screens, so we will be using Skype for those segments in which screens should be shared.

Technically issues with discord were had by all. Moved to Skype for now.

First item: drupal “books” and organization. Kaziem presented the “handbook” in progress, and we agreed that using the books would be good for organization. Specifically, to replace forum stickies and some of our uses of google docs to do planning for things like House Dres, regions, etc. These books will be open to the public. For things that might end up being quest spoilers, we can use spoiler tags.

Second item: TR hosting. TR pays $100 per 18 months to Garfield to pay for hosting. We raised $600, have $200 left. TR domain registration is also paid from this fund. ($10/yr). Need more money by sep 2017. Alternately, we could move to a different hosting service. Since we have time this is not urgent.

Third item: the forums + claims browser. We badly need an upgrade. We vote to have a clean break and move to entirely new forums under different software. We have two options: redmine forums or the drupal forums. Both seem functionally adequate.

We haven’t enough experience with these, so we have decided to run a one week testing period, in which we will make and use claims and the forums on both redmine and drupal. Then, we will decide which one to use. This decision will be made at next week’s skype meeting: Sat January 16.

Since new forum and redmine software might be incompatible with our current hosting situation, we’re also beginning to look for new hosters. There isn’t a strict deadline on this one, but sooner is better.

Talked about making sure that we have region borders nailed down, so we don’t have to migrate claims from one region to another down the line.

Progress on OE section, what still remains to be done

- the Castle's interior shell is being worked on by Seneca and myself.

- rough plans for the buildings' purposes and the key NPCs in the Castle exists

- a handful of misc quests planned, more to come; some key elements of the TG and FG questlines planned. IC quests more or less planned (gro-Dhal).

- exterior work on town and castle (Gnomey)

- some new clothes, faces, armor, artwork... (Rats, Ashstaar) *not really a top priority*

- tapestries with the OE logo

- The sewers needs a little fixing before review and merging (Rats)

- i4-515-Hla to be finished, reviewed & merged (Osidian)

- i4-513-Hla to be finished, reviewed & merged ( adamantum)

- i4-514-Hla to be reviewed & merged

- i3-794-Imp to be reviewed & merged

- i4-512-Hla to be reviewed & merged                                

Thirr updates, not started yet

Merge interiors in

Thirr visual update, still contributing ideas

TRV name update

Next place to work on: Roa Dyr. Need to know what an indoril castle-estate looks like first.