2016 03 12 Meeting Summary


Saturday March 12 6:00 GMT meeting (held on Discord)

Discussion leader: Gnomey

Note-taker (secretary): N/A (mostly those who took part in the meeting)



  • preparing the next release
  • possibly House Dres stuff
  • House Redoran planning document



  • texture guide looks fine, white text hard to read with some textures. Too cluttered? Not actual text in the PDF, but text on the images, was the best option as textures were moved around.
  • update changelog and readme
  • update files: Seneca->InDev, Not->TR_Mainland bugfixes, Gnomey->OE and Indoril-Thirr, Anony->TR_Travels
  • Seneca->TR_Data: Worsas’ ndib tree improvements, Velk and Vermai sounds, Grey Meadows ingredients
  • put together TR_Preview merge
  • put together release zip with updated TR_Mainland, TR_PReview and TR_Travels
  • create TR_Mainland.esp!
  • Kaziem working on release video
  • Swiftoak posts House sigils on Tumblr, one per day

House Dres

  • try and put together a mock-up in the CS to test out the palette and textures
  • update maps to try and solidify locations for clansteads, dungeons etc.
  • architecture concepts somewhat stalled due to release, should resume presently
  • some attention to banners, tapestries and other niceties? House Affiliation Pillars…


HD textures, 4x Morrowind size; downsized to Morrowind textures/2x Morrowind textures

House Redoran

proto-Redoran were warlike, squabbling House Dunmer of western Morrowind who, despite their martial prowess, failed to unite against the Nords and were subjugated.

A lot of Ashlanders that stuck with the Grand Council of the time and didn’t split from the Tribunal ended up getting swallowed into House Redoran, which often overlapped with their territory and which was relatively open to them.

Redoran gets a large inflow of people, originally former Ashlanders and non-House Dunmer, later outlanders as well.

Redoran also has Temple and Indoril advisors who attend its council meetings. These advisors may exert a greater influence now that the top-ranked Redoran are off in Vvardenfell.

Redoran may also have a strong Imperial presence more akin to Vvardenfell, with Legion forts and Imperial guilds.

Redoran Council consists of war leaders and House elders. House elders are war leaders of old, respected for their military leading skills, but who are too old to actively serve. In short, no one gets to sit in the Council without being a war hero for the House.


Kogotel first true March capital; tower built to keep the Nords out of Morrowind and patrol the border. Other march capitals built on its model. Smaller settlements are sometimes more temporary in nature, as Redoran try to live off the land. Fishing and mining settlements are often older.

The Redoran are the protectors of Morrowind, all associated with House Redoran are expected to take up arms to protect the House in times of peril. The former Ashlanders and Velothi are not associated with House Redoran, and as such are not protectors of Morrowind but people to be protected. This creates a social division; they’re basically second-class citizens, though they’re not necessarily discriminated against. They are not honoured as Redoran are.

Redoran, for lack of enemies, are descending into provincial squabbles and duelling, some higher-up Redoran might be trying to pick higher-profile fights, the extreme being Venim going off to Vvardenfell to fight Dagoth Ur.

Council Houses often house duels at the local level, Baan Malur used to settle disputes between Marches and with other Great Houses; the arena might also be used for Temple sermons and mystery plays.

Redoran not accepted into any family who cannot adopt the name of their family essentially become Velothi. The situation, while rare, would be very unpleasant for the Redoran in question, and the Redoran would generally try to provide service and gain recognition to be adopted into a family as soon as possible.

Redoran do value their ancestors and blood ties, and it’s for that reason they try and get adopted into a family with more prestige; so that they have another badge of honour to honour their ancestors with.

Rather than abandoning their old family, they gain a second family; they may refer to their biological father as ‘Hearth-father’ and their adopted father as ‘Crab-Father’ and that kind of thing. (ther possible terms: Blood-Father, Shield-Father, Sword-Brother…) Their deeds honour both families, they follies shame both families.

Clans are basically extended and very organic families; the clans are very important to the Redoran, but don’t necessarily have their own political identity or power.

Early Redoran questline concept

Redoran questline may start out with an apparent focus on House Hlaalu or perhaps the Empire. That would reveal itself as a red-herring when suddenly the local Nords rise up. As the questline progresses, the player may discover that the local Nords are receiving support from the Haafingar Nords in Skyrim, linking the events clearly to the Oblivion-era Nord raids of Solstheim.

While the local Nords are working with the Haafingar Nords, they still maintain independence, and there may be a certain degree of friction between them, as Haafingar’s long-term plan is to conquer those territories while the local Nords’ long-term plan is control their own state.