2016 04 02 Meeting Summary


Skype meeting notes for Saturday April 02 2016

Meeting topic: Project Organization

Discussion Leaders: Gnomey

Secretary: Recording

Proposed topics to discuss

The general theme of the meeting will probably be a bit of orientation, establishing where we are and setting up specific goals going forward.

-Kaziem would like to discuss what our texture guidelines should be, specifically relating to new textures for dres/deshaan, HD textures, and the eventual interface with other province mods.

  To be discussed when K is available.

x-Gnomey would like to discuss the idea for an alternate claims browser for asset creation (concept art, models, literature and writing...)

x-Other aspects of the website might also be discussed, such as the main page.

x-Kaziem (who will not make it to the meeting) wanted to bring up the development guidelines, which are currently in dire need of detail.

x-As some new members expressed interest in helping out with PR and video editing, that could also be discussed.

x-OE’s framerate has been discussed on IRC recently, so it might be good to mention that.

# of items in a cell has more of an effect on fps than # of faces in a cell (at least with Vanilla MW with MCP installed, note that MGE XE not tested yet)

x-Gnomey will want to bring up the idea of reviewing the claims that are currently in the old forum again; an old reviewer has expressed some interest in helping out.