2016 04 09 Meeting Summary



Textures + models + showcase guidelines





-cantemiric Velothi ruins in Argon Jungle region?

-there would be a border pass between Narsis and Stormhold; controlled by Empire to keep Black Marsh settlements going

-gap between Morrowind and Cyrodiil could include Malak Orcs (in the northern half?) and in the south could be an expansion of Shipal-shin and/or transition between the Velothi mountains and Shipal shin region; Kwoomriders (or whatever local group) might live there

-Imperial patrols near Black Marsh border?


Deshaan Heightmap

We looked at a few new maps. We decided that the orethan regions to the north would be, roughly speaking, rolling hills. The deshaan has a tall ridge at the shoreline of lake whatever, and from this height the plain slopes down and fans out to the east and south. To the north/north-east it slopes down into the rolling hills, which descent to sea level at the level of the river at almalexia.

 To the west, the Deshaan has a border with Shipal-Shin. The mesas of shipal-shin are at roughly the same elevation as the ridge of the deshaan, and the mesas become more carved out and broken down away from that ridge, so that the border as you move south is not one long ridge. You would start to see mesas/canyons.


Seneca will fix the interior guidelines to be accurate.

Questing guidelines need a quester to write some in, but for the moment we’ll point people at the quest/dialogue guidelines.

Exterior guidelines also need someone with experience to write them.



Asset guidelines got updated a bit today, we discussed some particulars about modeling, alpha, vertex shading, and the like. We also discussed folder structuring and decided that for now, internally, we would stick with our current folder/name system until the cross-project BSA becomes a firm reality. This system needs to be put into the guidelines so everyone can know about it.


Handy old forum links to old guidelines: