2016 04 23 Meeting Summary


Meeting of Saturday April 16 2016

Discussion Leader: Gnomey   

Proposed topics to discuss

  • discuss the general heightmap (I’ll be uploading a new version of my file with images)
  • discuss the borders of the Deshaan region
  • decide the rough number and positioning of Dres clansteads
  • discuss the general number and placement of dungeons in the Deshaan
  • discuss the weather (of the Deshaan)



 Deshaan planning

  • shift of Western borders fine
  • for eastern coast, compromise:


  • coast of Lake Andaram TRV, ridge and top of ridge Deshaan
  • general approval of maps:



  • Almas Thirr?
  • Gnas Mor (new Hlaalu town that is planned)
  • drip-feed interiors for a while?
  • ruins in the Inner Sea?