2016 05 07 Meeting Summary


May 7 2016 Discord Meeting

Seneca37, Gnomey, Anonytroll, 10Kaziem


Styling updates coming in over the next week.

The main website menu got rearranged. The new menu coming over will remove the facebook/tumblr buttons; external links will be moved to the Media menu for now:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Deviantart
  • UESP


Some of the pages linked in the main menu need rewriting or updating:

  • Join
  • Project History (blank, awaiting fill-in)
  • Meet the Team (blank, awaiting fill-in)
  • About the Project
  • FAQ (move some of the information from here to About)
  • Handbook (panel-style improvements)
  • Update release notes so the main release notes page displays the content of the most recent notes
  • Meetings + IRC (fix line spacings) (move to community)


Location of all the uploaded media is in admin.

Some screenshots would be nice to put in the pages for visual interest

Responsive images (?)


Mass uploader is desired!  

Request was made to put a way to upload viewable images to asset claims.



Deshaan Textures

The assortment of textures is ready to begin working on test ESPs, but we could possibly also use some more textures in the land of:


Smooth salt

Small pebbles



Yellow/purple colour scheme


Dres inorganic architecture - concrete? Inclusions such as shells, coral, pottery fragments, adobe

Dres organic architecture - saltstrap leaves, bug shells (medium and small), bug legs as poles.

Incorporating bugs and saltstrap as “the materials that come to hand”

Sounds-- include the howling bamboo, “wind chimes” that crackle or clack as strings of beads/shells

Wind-animated decor or flags, lamellophones, clawbells, flora?

Dres use very little metal

Grass blade (hardened razor grass)

(claw bells as seed pods)

The idea of using “primitive materials” but, by careful and traditional means, raising the creation of something into making something elegant. In other words, anyone can make a “grass blade” but only the dres do it well. Grass blades -- reed -- wind instruments

Howling wind flutes

Bug stomach water bottles