2016 05 14 Meeting Summary







-tentacle snails as possible denizens of Mudflats. Maybe increase size of tentacles to make them look more like octopuses. Maybe they shove themselves around over the ground with their tentacles, or maybe their tentacles are hidden below the ground as they move to surprise unsuspecting foes.

Region Map

Unfortunately, the region map is no longer available.
Points of discussion were:

  • Additionally turning southernmost row of Deshaan Plains cells into Salt Marshes so that all surface rivers are in the Salt Marsh region.
  • Extension of the Velothis/Shipal-shin into Black Marsh
  • Need to coordinate with other projects on the borders
  • Need to add Pale Pass (Name) to map.

Web Site

Gnomey - adding asset browser info from current forum info. Add in the assets from the planning documents

All of the asset development threads in particular will probably be moved over to the asset browser;

In general work on organization; make it clear what assets are ready to be added to TR_Data, what assets need concept artists, etc.

Possible ‘decision-making’ browser? -> maybe wait and see how the asset browser develops

Seneca will copy over old Quest Showcase and Exterior Showcase Guidelines.