2016 05 21 Meeting Summary


Discussion Leader: Gnomey   


Pulling quest ideas from RP: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/teso-roleplay-community-pr

General PR stuff...

(Upper Thirr Region)



Valus Mountain/Shipal-Shin border area

Cyrodiil border proposals:


At this point in time, we should coordinate with Province: Cyrodiil for the height of the border and the range of the Valus Mountains, to save either project a moderate amount of reworking their mountain range height and for the Marshes of Mir geographical planning.

New subforum for project coordination will get added

Book approval through asset browser; the sooner stuff gets moved over to the asset browser the better.

Following the logic of review->final review, books approved by two leads can be marked for inclusion into TR_Data.

ESO RP Community

  1. Outreach to the ESO RP community is desirable, but
  2. An intro post as to how our canons differ, so there won't be a lot of tears as soon as it turns out how big the difference is