2016 05 28 Meeting Summary


Meeting Notes for Saturday May 28 2016

Kaziem proposes we discuss the following topics at this meeting

Suggested preparations for the June release:

  • Updating asset browser to include/display images/screenshots (done!)x
  • Moving assets from forums to asset browser x
  • Moving asset ideas from planning documents pages to asset browserx
  • Updating handbook main page with panels (In progress: see http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/content/tr-handbook-x on the main site and on the dev site, http://trebuilt.labofabyll.com/trhandbooktest
  • Updating Asset guidelines with new info re asset browser
  • Testing downsized textures to ensure texel uniformity x
  • Making a release video x
  • Deshaan plains— heightmap/map ready? x
  • What else remains on the deshaan before exteriors can be opened, and how can we push those things? x
  • Any quests ready for making into claims?
  • Any showcases that need reviewing?


Misc Suggestion

Dreugh coral cities, for underwater.

As in in the Inner Sea or something. (Would make a cool dungeon type or at least make the underwater areas visually interesting and give you something to swim through.)


Put a priority setting in the asset/claim browser so we know what’s high priority.


Discussion of the Valus Mountain border with Cyrodiil, specifically the border transition between Shipal-shin, our southernmost Hlaalu region, and Province: Cyrodiil lands. The applicable regions on the Cyrodiil side are the (of course) Valus Mountains and the Marshes of Mir, which going by the region inspiration thread wouldn’t look out of place next to Shipal-shin. Nonetheless, it’s possible we’d want the Valus Mountains to continue along the length of Shipal-shin as in the first image as opposed to giving way completely to Shipal-shin as in the second image:



Website improvements

Maelan’s improvement suggestions from this thread: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/propositions-little-website-improvements are discussed.

Suggestions: Would be awesome if the news posts could be separated visually, a little more. If the slideshow could automatically show recent images (but that’s programming-wise difficult to impossible at the moment) We agreed that there’s not much else feedback to be had, and that this styling can be brought over from the dev site when it’s ready to be implemented.


What do we have ready for this release?

  • Minor bugfixes
  • Minor fixes to TR Travels
  • Minor clothing bugfixes
  • New heightmap


Maybe we should make an update video rather than a maintenance release

Show off our test cells with all the current assets

Asset broswer with assets in it

Concepts for the deshaan and dres

Heightmap + “paper map”

Details, lore, of the geograpy of the dres, deshaan

Concepts of the chasms, of the chasms to canal transitions


What remains to be done before the Deshaan is ready for exteriors?

Concept artists

Modelers to make ext assets from concepts:

Land textures - salty organic rocks, more grass

Terrain assets like rocks and salt formations

Building exteriors - dres things

Wasp exteriors (make an asset, start collecting art on it)

Tents/ chap-thil settlements

Terrain assets


Lower priority: clutter

Water pump towers


What is the asset browser for?

Requests for specific assets we know we need

Developed concepts from the forums which are ready to be modeled


The forum is a place for anyone to post ideas. Nice ideas can also be copied to the asset browser.


Asset browser

  1. Moving over the accepted assets
  2. Update our documentation for new asset use
  3. Mini guide to change statuses (when to, how to)


Dres discussions

Salt washes: the cave systems there are fairly natural but also high-traffic and well maintained. Parts of them may have mine-style supports as they had to be excavated. Large tunnels, fairly straight. There may be some smaller branching natural tunnels.


Handbook feedback

Images are wonky; try making the images smaller, or put them on the right like the articles in Maelan’s mockup (tried it, yay!)

Better article separators

Title images

 -Update the images on the main page to be squarer

- write the project history

- Meet the team

- put most of FAQ into about

- update about page (the intro block for the first page, then more for about the project) (nice map, text aimed at main page)

-update which things are community calls


We discussed the Project History and Meet the Devs page, and then discussed making sure we get to messages on external sites.

Meet the team page: who is the team/currently active, which can be reliably contacted/how/for which sort of stuff.

Send a message to Parker=Yeti, Rats, and Rot re quests ready to review.

Reviewers: we’re running short on reviewers, so we have to find, bring back, or make some. Probably doing more community outreach is the best way to get new people, and also seeing who is active right now and offer them promotions.  

Streaming art or making youtube videos. Register the usernames, for instance.