2016 06 11 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda  

Thomas Ruz proposes we discuss the following subject:

  • Imperial Legion on the mainland, specifically the leaders

 Lev proposes we discuss the following subject:

  • Councillors to the Elder Council

 Atrayonis proposed we discuss the following subject:

  • The Grand Council and its members (in general terms). It seems like it has been forgotten that the Grand Council exists and if it doesn’t exist for TR, it should be noted. Otherwise, it needs a rough outline, so we can pinpoint people who should send councillors to it.


Regions of Morrowind

With Seneca having done an official map of current TR regions (both in TR_Mainland, TR_Preview and the new ones in the south we agreed on recently), the topic came up that the Northern Velothi region is in most concepts scrapped and replaced with four new one. Maps are contradictory and there is no official agreement on them.

Since Gnomey is not in the meting, it was agreed to postpone the discussion, as he made the http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/velothis-landscapes thread, which discusses them.


Progress on the handbook is coming along nicely. Of course we need someone who edits these, goes over the tutorials and content pages, as they are still lacking information that should be carried over from the old forums.

“About TR” couldn’t be updated, since it’s a pretty nebulous page. Postponed discussion until Gnomey is back, but there is a discussion thread about the handbook on hhttp://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/tr-handbook-ideas-updates

There should be a “Where did Everything Go” page for returning members.

Update the Mod guide picture with some nice transparency, make it lighter. It’s supposed to evoke the CS image, with the scenery blending into mesh lines.


We now have a Twitch channel!

Kaziem wants to use it to stream herself drawing art.

If anyone else wants to use it to stream something (modding, gameplay) in an official capacity, contact her.


Facebook is awkwardly pointing to a TR1606 release, which we are going to skip since we do not have enough stuff. Very awkward, much updating needed.


We have several accounts on social media sites that need some things done to them:

  • Youtube - Posts official video updates and responds to comments [Videos: Kaziem, Comments: random lead devs]
  • DeviantArt - Upload images (perhaps from the galleries), reply to comments, post journal entries (no one) [voted Dead]
  • Facebook - Post updates and respond to comments, would be a good platform to post screenshots (swiftoak)
  • Tumblr - Posting updates, screenshots, responding to comments [Swiftoak is doing now. Mordigant has volunteered.]
  • Twitch - Virginal, stream(?) (no one) [Assigned to Kaziem, streaming, etc]
  • Reddit - Unused, but the account could be used to respond to comments [General misc interactions, assigned to Atrayonis]
  • Twitter - Just post [twitch + releases. Assigned to Kaziem]
  • Forums - (Official, Nexus, OpenMW (?), Fliggerty(?)) respond to threads, post updates (random lead devs occasionally)
  • Instagram - MattTheBagel offered to make one for us, currently none (needs to be contacted, given go-ahead)
  • UESP Wiki - Namespace, not updated much

As far as PR goes, we might cut off some and call them dead.  

It’s been suggested to ask DarkElfGuy if he would help out in PR - Kaziem was volunteered to ask him.


LondonRook is asking for several logos (Imperial Navy, Great House Logos for Indoril and Dres) to trace and put on crates, parchments, and the like for his mod Outlander http://designingoutlander.tumblr.com/.

As far as TR is currently concerned, since we are creating a collaborative mod, crediting TR should be sufficient if the individual modder isn’t known is sufficient Since at least two were created by Swiftoak (the Great House logos), he should be credited as well.

As Outlander will reach completion in one year and a half, LondonRook is offering a large asset dump of ~2.000 assets at the time. If TR wants to include those in the mod, he requests more prominent credits, including a link to his website, arguing that this would double the amount of assets TR has access to.  

A decision on this has been postponed. The data merger with PT must be taken into account as well, since we will be sharing file structure.

The assets he will create with these logos will be free to use for TR without this credit requirement.

Misc Notes

The remaining points will get pushed to next week.