2016 06 25 Meeting Summary


Meeting Notes Saturday June 25 2016 6PM GMT

The Talos Cult

Without Rats and others interested and read up on the topic, all discussion points in regards to the Talos Cult are still considered in development.

The Talos Cult should not be reduced to a collection of kooky maniacs out to kill themselves and take a bunch of people with them. At their heart a warrior cult, they seek to restore strength to the Empire by killing the Emperor and replacing him with a Tiber Septim-related strongman.
They may be in some way nudging the events in the Imperial Legion questline to suit their interests, but they shouldn't be front and center for most or all of the questline.

We shortly discussed the idea of the legion general trying to build a powerbase in Morrowind, either in Redoran lands or by rebuilding the old fortifications on the east coast.

A few ideas:

  • perhaps the Imperial navy is separately trying to build up coastal defences in eastern Morrowind, not necessarily as a questline.
  • perhaps the general in western Morrowind is restoring the ruined forts there, perhaps trying to build a new one.
  • perhaps the player would end up commanding one of the forts.
  • the general could be a member of the Talos Cult, or in some way manipulated by the Talos Cult, or the Talos Cult is simply taking advantage of the situation in some other way. 

Imperial Organizations

The Imperial Navy was discussed.
Rather than the navy being split into provincial branches, it is probably split into fleets.

The navy in Morrowind may be a part of a fleet perhaps based in Thorn. They're there to protect the Empire, they're trying to build up defences to be better able to protect the Empire and to have something to do, people have mixed feelings about it because the Empire hasn't seen a serious maritime threat in a long time and the locals tend to get shirty when they see Imperial fortifications.

The primary worldbuilding functions of the navy within the context of TR are to lend a sense of breadth to the world -- specifically as an element of the Empire with little bearing on Morrowind itself - and perhaps to act as a foil to the Imperial legion. They do not have a major role to play in Morrowind and will almost certainly not be a playable faction.

The Blades were discussed, specifically whether they should function as bodyguards as in Oblivion alongside the Imperial Guard or whether they should ‘just’ be spies.

There is an irrevocable break in the Blades’ in-game portrait. It is possible to reconcile Daggerfall, Morrowind and some of Oblivion by portraying the Blades as a faction with many functions, including personal bodyguards (by portraying them as a sort of Imperial CIA). It is impossible to reconcile all Blades as armed guards of the Emperor (as per Oblivion) or dragon hunters from Akavir attached to the concept of the Dragonborn (as per Skyrim).

The Elder Council was discussed.
We couldn’t agree if it should be a diet of people primarily occupying important offices in the Empire or if it is more of a senate of people whose only office in the Empire is being a member of the council.

The discussion about Councilors was comparatively short, as the way the Council is structured would require different councilors.

Generally, we agreed that the Elder Council is more important for Province: Cyrodiil, and that we can mostly leave the particulars to them and adjust on our end as required.