2016 07 09 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

Some things did not get discussed last week:

New topic

  • Current leadership issues
  • Data unification – what now?
  • >Cleaning up the forums now that we have the asset browser

Meeting Summary

Grand Council

Grand Council on Vvardenfell

Essentially a crisis council created on Vvardenfell under authority of the Duke of Vvardenfell, who is a representative of the Empire. In other words, it is essentially under Imperial authority, however much leeway it may give its representatives. Its members are representatives of the three Great Houses with holdings on Vvardenfell as well as a representative of the Imperial colonists on Vvardenfell and one of the Temple.

Grand (Third) Council of Morrowind

Council of Great Houses, possibly located in the Serene Assembly (which also functions as the House Indoril headquarters), with Temple and possibly Imperial representation.
It is (at least nominally) the ultimate authority of the Great Houses, and as such in theory exercises its power largely independently of Imperial and Temple authority. It does not have a set number of seats, the various factions just send as few or many representatives as they like. Instead, the factions themselves have a set level of authority in the council probably as follows: Indoril traditionally having the greatest authority, then the other Houses, then the Temple and then the Empire.

Was formerly supposed to be in “Whitehall” - was that interior ever finished?


TR’s difficulty will generally be location based, with some regions more difficult than others, and TR will generally not use leveled creature lists.

Vvardenfell will not be touched, and as such TR will be based on the vanilla difficulty levels. Tribunal and Bloodmoon are outliers in regards to Vvardenfell’s difficulty and will not be taken into consideration.

We may have higher difficulty locations than Red Mountain, but they will be rare, such as Daedric realms the player may visit in a questline.
There will also be regions with difficulty probably comparable to Red Mountain Region, such as the Arnesian Jungle.
Difficulty can also come in different forms than simply combat, as Morrowind is itself not a combat-focused game. Examples are puzzles, hazardous terrain like toxic clouds...

Guides needed

  • Section file handling
  • InDev file handling
  • splitting off sections and claims
  • merging interiors, quests...
  • how to become a reviewer, what to pay attention to while reviewing
  • PR guides
  • how to use the bugtracker, both for leads and bug spotters
  • how to use the asset browser, both for leads and bug spotters
  • how to use the claims broswer, both for leads and bug spotters [ http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/claims-system-automation-buttons-and-pms-everywhere ]
  • gathering information on houses, factions, groups, regions…. whatever was discussed on the old forums (and the new).

Forum cleanup

Eventually: move things in asset development, audio, and literature all into the asset browser and delete those forums. Also, move the concept art forum down to the planning section.

To do

  • figure out what old ints from old forum need to get reviewed and find someone to review them (put in asset browser), wait for Seneca’s list.
  • summarize information on old forums about states, factions, etc, put them as assets to be merged into the handbook as with House Dres.
  • find old literature and fill the asset browser from old forum.
  • Pull concepts and make assets for them.
  • Pull concepts from the dres page and assetify them.
  • We should add a TR_Data claim here: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/claims/merges the actual file would not be hosted there due to its size, but the claim should include a changelog.
  • Kaziem wants to double-check the assets currently in the browser before new stuff gets added.
  • Add way for leads to earmark an asset for inclusion into TR_Data, whether a tick-box, tag or whatever else is deemed convenient.