2016 07 16 Meeting Summary


Meeting Notes for Saturday July 16 6 PM GMT meeting on Discord

Region Planning

Discussion begins with further thoughts on the Narsis District and the names, borders, and assets of the regions in there.

Final result


  • The current Middle Thirr region will be renamed Aanthirin (AT) (meaning “around/divided by the Thir(r)”). It will feature orange and green plants and Ascadian Isles (green-grey) rocks.
  • <OU> will be Othreleth Woods (OW)
  • <OW> will be Thirr Valley (TV)
  • <SH> remains Shipal-Shin (no changes.)
  • Nedothril Coast -> Nedothril (NT), with the thought that it will be a deforested coastline later on, instead of the rolling plains it is now
  • Boethian Mountains -> Boethiah’s Spine (BS)
  • Lake Boethiah -> *deleted*


Referring to asset kits:

Shipal-Shin is mainly red soil and red rocks with sparse orange foliage, as already established.

Othreleth Woods is mainly orange foliage with little (sparse) rocks and red soil, using the same plants as Shipal-Shin. The density of the foliage should obscure the red soil and make it more orange than Shipal-Shin. In other words, mostly as already established.

The Thirr Valley mixes Rats’ orange rocks with Othreleth’s mushroom forests. The mushroom trees by the water should evoke mangroves by having a sprawling network of roots (which might be separate assets). The soil should be reddish/orange, whatever is more convenient at the time. (In other words, it might share either Othreleth Woods or Aanthirin ground textures).

Aanthirin stays as planned: orange and green, with green-grey rocks and it uses the new textures and foliage Rats is creating.


The Oceans

The existence of the Ocean region (Sea of Ghosts) is a point of contention. For now we agreed on extending the coastlines of adjacent regions to make the ocean region border the wilderness cells outwards exclusively instead of acting like buffer zones between landmasses.

At the same time, the Padomaic Ocean (PO) is to be split from the Sea of Ghosts (SG?), as the SoG is the ocean north of Tamriel and PO is east.


Discussions about Molagreahd and the cells bordering Vvardenfell were delayed until next week’s meeting.