2016 08 13 Meeting Summary


Meeting Notes for Saturday August 13 at 5PM GMT on Discord


Things to do for 16.09 release


  • New data structure and the region revamp

Dialogue filters need to be checked, as changing cell names might cause problems.

Data is handled by Worsas, the file is completed/nearing completion.

  • TR Data BSA file updates


  • Cities and Regions

Atrayonis is doing the region/city rework.

  • Asset updates

  • Texture updates

Kaziem is reviewing the texture resizing updates.

  • Bug fixes

Gnomey will look into the bugs in the bug tracker, if possible.

Kaziem will look into the asset related bugs.

  • Tamriel Data

“We take care of the low/high res stuff in two different bsas and put up a Tamriel_Data addon esp with all the addons/changes after the last release. Then when we release, we merge those and release them. PT does the same. So, whoever released last has the up-to-datest version of Tamriel_Data.”



  • Skyrender Variants

Idea of implementing different life stages of skyrenders, like larvae; the queen; also mounted Skyrenders.



  • Tumblr PR

User -MrWillis- will handle Tumblr PR.


  • Screenshots

There is the idea of posting screenshots of various locations in Tamriel Rebuilt to various websites