2016 08 20 Meeting Summary


Proposed Agenda

  • Continued progress on 16.09 updates.
    • Any news/progress on regions/cities?
    • Which assets/textures are ready to be included in the BSA
    • Where should BSA updates be merged into? Kaziem has set up an asset for this, but should it be a claim or elsewhere? http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/1609-updated-textures
    • Which bugs are already fixed in in-dev/bsa?
  • Deshaan Plains new concept art + concepts.
  • House Dres and its storyline: what can we use from each of the proposed storylines?
  • Food as potions (Morrowind modding cross-coordination).

Meeting Summary

Hi-res package, package with or integrate into one file?

Tamriel_Data is, starting with TR1609, to be maintained as a separate download. The files in TR’s main download will only include TR_Mainland, TR_Preview, and TR_Travels.

That separate Tamriel_Data download will be updated when necessary, so as to avoid older versions from PT or TR overriding newer versions when the other mod is installed out of release order.

Offered will be both a Tamriel_Data Low res and High res download separately. The release video for this quarter will have a brief explanation of what the data merger is and how to install things.

We should also have an article about it beforehand, so modders are prepared (especially since they need to run the file patcher).

The high-res pack for TR will be publicly available as of the 1609 release.

We will also package the TR music pack again with the main release, as an optional addon, separate file.

A credit file will be included with the data files; a credits page will also be made on TR's main site, under “About”, titled “contributors.” Said page will also have a link to a forum thread for requesting credit if your name was missed. It will also link to the PT credits thread, which will link back to our page.

Dres Storyline

No one has managed to read through all the various proposals. We’re pushing this off till next week, but everyone really needs to read them so they can be discussed.

(Someone please post add links and whatever additional proposals are missing!)

Adanorcil’s proposal

Apotheosis’ proposal

Gnomey’s proposal (still in progress)

Kevaar’s proposal

Templar Tribe’s proposal


TR can't support any of these projects due to copyright grey areas. Sorry, folks!

1609 updates

TR_Mainland is mostly done, it just needs someone to look over the dialogue some more. TR_Preview is coming along. The BSA has had some, but not all, of its updates included.


We argued a bunch about the best workflow for the Asset Browser.