2016 08 27 Meeting Summary


Discord meeting Saturday August 27 5PM GMT


Proposed topics:

  • Discussion of the Dres Storylines

  • Further discussion of the Deshaan

  • Tamriel_Data


Dres Questline


The Dres questline should focus a little more on the sload deal, and possibly end with renegotiating said deal. Therefore we ought to know what that deal is, at least in enough detail to write the quests.


Slavery isn’t going to be the main focus, though naturally it will be encountered a lot as a backdrop.


The hist are unknown, and we can’t really agree on them. Therefore we’ll probably represent this “unknown” ingame as different people and different scholars having different ideas of what they are, and keep the “deal with the hist’ vague. “A lot of argonians for some dunmer,” and that’s about it.


Some people might think that the hist are actively plotting against the Dres.

Other people think the argonians are stupid for having a plant worshipping cult (they’re just trees!)


Argonians have free will “just like everyone else”-- keeping in mind that everyone is influenced by built-in desires, emotions, their culture, local conditions, etc. (Do you eat food of your own free will?) It’s fair to say the hist have “some influence” but it will be kept, again, vague, as to if the influence is biological, cultural, magical, or some combination.




How do the Dres relate to the skyrenders?

Since different Dres clans are fairly separate, they may relate to the skyrenders differently. Some clans may have a spiritual-respectful relationship, others may view them as valued but still animals (think well-kept horses), and yet others may have a more controlling view. Overall, though the Dres have a fairly kind relationship with their skyrenders, in contrast to how they treat slaves.


In any case each clan has a skyrender hive associated with them. That hive can detect (smell, sound?) that the clan is friendly and won’t attack them. The hive regards that clan as part of the hive, and the clan regards the hive as more (or less) respected members of the clan.

There are also “wild” skyrender nests, which are simply nests that never associated with clans.


Skyrender nests are known to move around. This might be rather like how bees swarm, to find a new and better home. They will not move in-game but may have activator legs that move slightly, plus a “furrow” behind them to imply that they had been moving. Possibly also includes


It is suggested that the queen control the legs. Possibly the nest is built on top of the queen, or those are actually the queen’s legs. Possibly the legs are not related to the queen or are autonomous.


Skyrender lifecycle:


Egg->juvenile (small, crappy wings) ->adult (bigger, full wings)-> possibly queen


The smaller juveniles perform tasks inside the hives, and when they grow up they do outside the hive tasks.


The queen is actually built into the nest, and provides eggs. We’re leaning away from having the queen do much besides generate eggs.


Dres Society:


As a matter of organization, it was suggested that we further define the different clans to aid in the design of how they split along ideological lines.  It was proposed each clan should have its own sigil.  These designs may be ancillary to the main design, perhaps underneath or surrounding the emblem for the great house.


Dres Construction:


Concrete-- has organic inclusions for irregularity, live leaves, sticks, etc. Some special concrete might have glowing inclusions or salt inclusions.


The foundations on the bottom bow inwards. We want to include gentle slope/curvature and corner pylons on buildings, and investigate adding some gentle curve to the walls in various concepts.


Potential Issues:


We have to pay attention to making sure the cities looks different and have their own personalities. That means visual representation from afar, as well as visual representation while you’re in the city.


It is suggested that the city buildings get taller closer to the center of the platforms, not just put on higher levels but also more storeys.


We might want to have some mini platforms to make streets more interesting.

We may also want to construct the platforms by raising up the ground, then placing a ring of walls. This would allow us to use ground textures and vertex shading.

The walls might be good to be broken up into buttresses and walls.


Dres cities:



Tear (trading outpost, very big)

Dres Horak (trading outpost, medium-big)


  • Dres lhendal

  • Dres Hairab

  • Dres Felvon

  • Dres Silnim

  • Dres Bashipal

  • Dres Yengrith (Player Stronghold)


It is suggested that the northwestern cities would be bigger, and the southeastern ones smaller, since the territory there is newer.


Also we may wish to flesh out the individual clans/cities slightly so that we can begin planning how the architecture will reflect the variations it needs to do.