2016 09 03 Meeting Summary


Meeting Summary for the Discord meeting on Saturday September 3 2016 at 5PM GMT


-the Dres ‘capital’ is called Tear in-game everywhere except for the dialogue of Dres not living in Tear, who refer to it as ‘Dres Tyr’ similar to how some Dunmer talk about ‘House Dwemer’.

Dres Questline

  • The Deal(s)

The deal(s) made with the sload, are still the main topic for the end of the questline

  • Clansteads

There are 6 clansteads not 5

  • Matriarchs

The Matriarchs are mentally worn down by the burden of the deal, one of the matriarchs will also get killed. They are not “crazy” or “evil” however. The main motive of the Matriarchs is to protect and preserve the Dres, whatever the cost.

  • Dres culture

Dres are practical, they worship Daedra the old way(meaning: that they give trials instead of guidance, are hard and difficult on and with their followers). Dres seek protection more than self-gain. The Dres will have a propylon system; each clanstead has a chain with a bone-key, messengers are given these only as long as they need them, while the Satchem has all the keys. The Satchem is a mediator, a inwards guided diplomat trying to smooth out conflicts between the Matriarch and the Children. Children=anti-matriarchs.

  • Conflict

The player has to make the choice to side with the Matriarchs or overthrow them.

  • Politics

Satchim-Ichil+migratory council, local councils (really, just the usual oligarchy that crops up in settlements) and governors (Nomarchs) and the wise women as power brokers.

Matriarchs -> Satchem-ithil council -> clan-councils and Nomarchs.

The matriarchs advise/counsel the official Council, which is made up of the Satchim-Ichil plus representatives from the various clans. The matriarchs may help pick the new councilors or exert other backroom influence. Matriarchs meet with each other only rarely and prefer to use messengers/propylons. The Satchim-ichil travels around with his retinue/council to various places and makes sure the clans that make up House Dres get along. The Council makes deals, does politics, etc. Each clanstead also has a local council as the local government.

Main story outline:

The outlander player visits the Deshaan area and is told no one joins House Dres, go away. If they choose to stick around, they can do tasks and accumulate favors/trade reputation with the local, low-ranking Dres. After doing enough of these, the player will encounter a person or situation that will be their foot in the door for the house; they may be accepted into the house as a servant/low rank/not really family for their service. The tasks resulting from that will eventually lead to the player being adopted by the ancestors of a dead or dying house. From there the player begins building their stronghold/clanstead and does additional tasks/quests, during which their stronghold gets bigger, they accumulate more reputation, until they come to the attention of the Council. They do some work for/with/about the council, in the process of which they encounter the deals with hist/sload/vampire, and then the storyline ends with them deciding what to do with the information.

Kaz’s Storyline Summaries:

Adanorcil: The outlander player asks for work around the Deshaan and does tasks for a while. They stumble across a shady dude (Hist guy?) who eventually points them at an ancestral tomb; the ancestors adopt the player, and then the remainder of the questline is advancing the standing of the player’s house. A slave uprising is part of the questline.

Kevaar: The outlander player asks for work around the Deshaan and does tasks for a while until they stumble across a Hlaalu agent posing as a Dres. Said agent makes the player run tasks. Meanwhile the player stumbles across the ancestral tomb during a quest and gets adopted. The agent is outed. Meanwhile the player gets adopted into house Dres and then the storyline continues as per Adanorcil.

Gnomey: The outlander player asks for work around the Deshaan and does tasks for a while until they accumulate enough street cred for the Dres to start talking to them. Meanwhile, clan Bashipal is imploding for some reason, and in the confusion of the collapse the player is marginally and reluctantly given more tasks. As the clan finishes collapse, the player is adopted into the clan by the ancestors. The player then builds up their clanstead. (questline is unfinished.)

Templar Tribe: The outlander player asks for work around the Deshaan and runs into a disgraced dres clansman. He does tasks for the clansman until he is gradually adopted into the house. More tasks ensure until the player is well-regarded. The council calls the player in to ask for help.

Apotheosis: (none yet)