2016 09 10 Meeting Summary


Proposed topics

  • Clarify our position on editing VV, get a summary, and post it publicly, maybe in the FAQ. Basically, revise and revisit the official statement of vision.

    • What/when will TR edit to make there be less of a divide between the Mainland and VV?

      • Quarantine books/dialogue (in progress)
      • Faction questlines?
      • Main Quest edits (hortator/etc)?
      • When???
  • TR Travels (see below)

  • Decide what to do with travel routes in TR_Travels.

    • Which ones need to be changed?
    • What do our new city/region placements affect?
    • Can they get changed in the ESMs?
    • What, if anything, should be a separate esp?
  • Discuss workflow of Asset Browser re:

    • Where do audio assets get thought up? Have a separate forum? Or go in conceptualization?
    • How to make it clear to newbies what gets posted where
    • How will new Tamriel_Data affect guidelines?
    • How does asset browser affect Quests/dialogue, specifically, where/when does dialogue go?
    • Move concepts/audio to planning subsection, remove asset section?
    • “so you just joined tr...”



We discussed making changes to vanilla Vvardenfell  

First, we currently have our travel line changes and transport marker changes showing up in TR_Travels.esp.

 We are going to move them to TR_Mainland.esm eventually. The reasoning behind this is that travel lines are small and easy to fix; putting them in the ESM means that in case of conflict, TR’s changes will be overwritten by the other mod. Currently, whatever ESP changes the travel lines last, wins (and this is often TR_Travels). We will provide compatibility patches for the bigger and older mods.  

Edits to VV travel will only edit the NPC AI and will not change the NPC placement, etc, or add in new docks, statics, etc.

Proposed answer to “Does TR edit vanilla Vvardenfell”  

Tamriel Rebuilt’s goal is to create the remainder of the Morrowind province in a seamless fashion. That means that sometime down the line, we will eventually have to edit Vvardenfell, as well as Tribunal expansion content.

Does TR edit vanilla Vvardenfell right now?

Yes - as of 1609 our only edits to VV are to the travel network. Our edits allow players to fast travel to the completed portion of the mainland via Guild Guide and boat. The edits only affect NPC AI and do not and will not include moving the NPCs or editing the cells they are in. A few travel routes have been eliminated. See “TR Travels” for more details.

Why does TR have to edit vanilla content? Why can’t you leave it alone?

The main trouble TR runs into is that Bethesda intended to make the entire province, but ended up shrinking it onto VV. This affects mainly the great houses and the main quest. For instance, the Hortator portion of the quest does not include House Dres or House Indoril, even though they are politically important. Also, the houses that do have a presence on Vvardenfell (Hlaalu, Telvanni, Redoran) would then be oddly divided. We hope to at some point in the future write out a unified quest line for the 3 great houses on VV, and fix the Hortator problem.

As we are not at the stage of planning the unified questlines, now is the time to jump in and tell us your suggestions and feedback for what should or should not be edited.  

What exactly is TR going to do? Are you going to break all my mods?

TR intends to change only three things about vanilla content on Vv: 1) the travel network, only as related to the mainland (see above) 2) scattered dialogue that references the mainland, and 3) the great house questlines and main quest.

We do not intend at this time to change any interiors or exteriors, move or change any NPCs besides their dialogue, change the landmass/heightmap, etc. We are not trying to give Vv a makeover, just smooth over the rough transition from Vv to the mainland.  

Again, and we cannot emphasise this enough: the exact changes to the questlines are not set in stone yet. If you are concerned, we would like to hear your concerns on our forum.

What about Mournhold/Tribunal?

Tribunal created an oddly proportioned and cut-off city. Our solution for this is to recreate the city of Almalexia entirely. We will not be editing TB content; instead, we will cut off access to it and build an entirely new and improved version of it. We will be copying over the NPCs and quests from Tribunal into TR.

Like with the faction quests and hortator problem, we are still working out how this will be implemented. Now is the time to give your feedback and ideas.

Dres Hortator  

Rescheduled. Food for thought for not having a Dres Hortator questline:


Alternatively, the questline could be optional (as the PC would only need the approval of three houses in a majority vote), or centered around the publically visible council of the Shital-Iza

Ideas should be tossed into here: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/forum/hortator-questline-brainstorming  

Then they can be discussed next week or the week after.

Assets and Forum Workflow

We agreed to remove the Audio forum, and dump its threads into unsorted or the archives as appropriate.

We agreed to move Concept Art into the Planning section.

We agreed to split the Discussion section as follows:

Discussion: Help, Unsorted, Offtopic, Archive

Organization: Proj-O, Cross Coordination, Dev showcases
The current forum descriptions are fine.


Models, textures, audio, literature: always post directly into asset browser.

Quests + dialogue: if vague, post in forum to get tossed around. If it's an actual idea/somewhat firmed up, post in asset browser.

Concept art: Post in forums if you want, or post it in the relevant thread. If you come up with an art that you think is ready for someone to make something of it, it can go in the asset browser. The CA forum is a catch-all for "I want to post a random concept" Or, hey this is a thing I drew

generic dialogue goes in the browser as its own asset

quest related dialogue goes with the quest.

New guidelines

New guideline edits:

  • Handling the new ID scheme
  • Making merge ESPs for assets
  • Patching for the new TR Data
  • All these go in About TR.

To go in handbook:

  • Statement of vision
  • “What is TR Travels” page
  • “Patching stuff” page
  • “So you just joined us” page
  • “How to claims browser”
  • “How to asset browser”
  • The rest of the stuff marked “tutorial” in the Proj Org forum