2016 09 17 Meeting Summary


2016 09 17 Meeting Summary


  • TR1609 should be almost ready for release.

    • Last to-dos for the ESM/ESP files?

    • Can we get some testers to do a few test runs?

    • TR_Travels can only be finished when all others are final.

    • Changelog and Readme ready to go?

    • Is a new map ready?

    • Is an article ready?

    • Is a video ready?

  • Website: retrospective and plans.

A short meeting today.

Ol’ Riften Pass


Total misunderstanding on Atrayonis part - it’s not the one near Orcish Switzerland. It will just need an Assyrian name slapped on and everything works out (unless someone notices that the Skyrim side has no pass trail and that old TR didn’t want a pass there anymore either. Sennacherib is good.



Nearly done. Files will be finished by Wednesday evening next week (2016-09-21). Changelog should be finished at the same time. Release announcement and video still have to be finalized.