2016 10 01 Meeting Summary


There was an unofficial meeting held in the general chat, with no set agenda. We discussed TR’s workflow as well as how the Hist and Dres interact.

--TR hopes to create a quest pack that goes back over lands already created and add more quests to them. This could be advertised as an expansion pack to also gain some more interest in TR.

--These quests should help lead people out of vanilla Morrowind and TR’s Telvannis regions. For now, the breadcrumb trails will be fairly simple, with further additions later on to make them feel more like a main quest. One possibility is the Blades/Caius Cosades sending the player to the mainland for something.
--TR ought to come up with a new catchy naming system for their releases.

Clearing up some lore on the Hist…

 “Since Nirn is not aligned with their reality, in their original form they were bleeding their memories from their pores, mortally wounded simply by being real. Some unlucky(?) not-yet lizards licked the sap and by the sheer weight of the souls they absorped were forced into sapience by the rules of the new reality. Bleeding off their own soul mass into animals was how the Hist were able of sustaining themselves. Since they were realized as a vast forest, the souls that died in their swampy realm returned to themselves instead of going to the new reality‘s Dreamsleeve. Thus, by incarnating themselves into sapient beings, the Hist are able to permanently exist in the form of trees. All thinking, all acting that is ascribed to the Hist by Argonian religion is the Hist‘s instincts and vague, distant feelings coloured in their incarnations‘ experiences.” --(needs citation)


“The Arena "Argonians" are a strain of hist-dunmer mutants created by the Hist to infiltrate the Deshaan Plain and beyond, an experiment that was seemingly abandoned long in the past. Whether anything happened that was considered as a victory of this mutation is uncertain. The Hist aren't telling.

Furthermore, the Arena "Argonians" may or may not be considered hist enough by the Hist to be real Argonians. The Hist aren't telling. The game certainly called them that, though.

By this measure, there are no reliably confirmed "Argonians", only beings that think they are and have had that idea confirmed by meeting the Trees. And, of course, an Argonian may have started as one and is laughed behind his back by others because they know he/she/it is no longer exhibiting what the Hist wants from them. They, of course, must only be able to assume this.

Tell me, when you play an Argonian, do you ever hear the Trees talking to you? As a hist, I mean, even when you're playing a Nord? Because your Nord may instead be an Argonian without you even knowing it.

"Tell me, Uncle, do you remember the War with the Trees?" - PGE1

Why is an Altmer asking if another Altmer remembers the War with the Trees?? Why, an Altmer who is forgetting that he is exhibiting enough hist traits that he would never have Warred against the Hist... in other words, an Argonian who is also an Altmer.

So... who exactly had the BIGGER BIAS in that Pocket Guide now?” --M.K. on reddit


Argonians are not an Argonian concept. All hist are Hist. A human can be enough hist that he is regarded as Argonian by the Hist. Similarly, a rock can be an Argonian if it shows enough hist traits that Hist deem it so. --M.K. on reddit

Some things that can be inferred by this:

--Hist sap contains some sort of soul matter, which is bled off into Tamriel and can mutate non-sapient creatures who ingest it.

--The sap or soul matter confers “instincts” to its host, also known as Hist traits. The host doesn’t necessarily know it has these Hist traits, as it feels like their own thoughts and feelings. More enlightened Argonians may see these as divine revelations from their Hist deities.
--The most well-known mutation is the Argonians (Saxhleel).
--This sap effects the other races of Tamriel more strongly, causing aggression, hallucinations, and sometimes death: perhaps an interaction of the Hist sap soul matter and the Dreamsleeve soul matter that resides in Tamrielic races.

--”Argonian” is a misnomer for the lizard Saxhleel. Anyone or -thing with ties to the Hist could be considered an Argonian. You could be an Argonian Altmer that is an Altmer with Hist leanings. Note-Taker Note: Has not been clarified if Argonians are beings created/altered by the Hist, or beings that are simply in line with the Hist’s ideologies and desires.

--Even Saxhleel can lose their Argonian designation if they stray too far from what the Hist wants from them.

--The Hist experimented with creating Dunmer look-alikes in the past.

--The Argonians as they appear in the game Arena are thought to be an early prototype of these.
--The Kothringi may be another one of these.
--This experiment appears to be inactive now, but if not, the Hist aren’t telling.

The Hist and The Dres
--The Hist-Dres deal was a few Dunmer for a lot of Argonians.

--The Argonians are being used as slaves.
-It is supposed that the Dres given to the Hist are experimented on. Saint Roris happened to be one who escaped and this caused the Arnesian War as the Dres tried to cover this up.

--The Hist do not actively employ agents or engage in conspiracies. They simply don’t care enough; their creations were made out of idle curiosity. Their Hist-Dunmer were simply let loose and are now doing their own thing in Morrowind.

--These Hist-Dunmer have since infiltrated the Dres, as being the closest society and race similar to their own. Their numbers are unknown. They may have agendas of their own, but currently aren’t thought to have achieved enough internal organization to be considered a collective in their own right.
--The Dres are terrified by the thought of these Hist-Dunmer walking freely among them. It is a witch-hunt of epic proportions. As the Hist are not actively engaging in any conspiracy, the Dres are essentially doing this to themselves, causing their own downfall out of paranoia and desire for purity.
--As proposed by Gnomey, the current Satchem-Ithil may be one of these Hist-Dunmer, which serves as the reason for the player replacing him in rank.