2016 10 22 Meeting Summary


Agenda for the Discord Meeting Saturday October 22 2016 at 5 PM GMT
This meeting is the overview meeting for the regions. We will discuss the following:
We will look at every region in TR_Preview and make note of the following for each region. We will produce a document with the information and update the progress report: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/content/progress-report with said information.
(See also Pipeline: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/content/pipeline )

Per region:

  • What stage is it in? General planning, asset production, exteriors, interiors, quest, dialogue, npcs, reviewing, etc
  • What is the current implementation in TR_Preview? (Ie: what does the landscape and city assortment look like? What, in short, is actually already made?)
  • Misc notes/feedback on the region

List of regions to tackle:
Most of these regions don’t have much in the way of NPCs, dungeons, quests. May be low on normal interiors as well.


  • Characterization: Rocky, canyon region with flat ground and rocky hills. Plenty of flat areas, not too many trees. Scattered settlements and plenty of small farms. Sparse low foliage, browny-green WG-type color scheme.
  • Stage: 6a
  • Current Implementation: Southeastern corner abutting Armun Ashlands, Aanthirin, exteriors there are not complete. Exteriors in general are fairly finished, including cities and small settlements. Mostly lacking interiors. Has all the assets it currently needs-- mostly uses grazelands with some WG. Low on NPCs + quests. Lacks creatures.
  • Misc Notes: None.


  • Characterization: long river valley with lots of large islands, many farms and small cities. Has a color scheme that is green but includes orange and yellow in the foliage and ground textures.
  • Stage: 6c
  • Current Implementation: Has most of its interiors, is still missing some. Needs more quests. Has NPCs, probably needs more. Roa Dyr needs some exterior work and NPCs. (It’s an Indoril chapel/stronghold: still not sure how to handle them.) Almas Thirr needs a small docks and interiors. Currently uses mostly Ascadian assets. Eastern mountains use wrong rocks (should be AI). Has some creatures, maybe needs more?
  • Misc Notes:  Is in the middle of a visual update, for which we have some assets ready and some are concepted. Mainly the assets needed are some small plants and texture updates for the ground and trees.

Ascadian Bluffs

  • Characterization: coastal border region, somewhat rocky, one town. Imperial-ish area. Friendly border intro region.
  • Stage: 6a
  • Current Implementation:  Mostly AI assets. Few small exteriors, exteriors pretty much complete. Teyn + fort have interiors + NPCs, all else is lacking them. Pretty much no quests. Creatures -- not much.
  • Misc Notes: Kinda boring.

Armun Ashlands

  • Characterization: Ashlands. On the mainland. Eastern area is flatter, while the western side is hillier. Moderately challenging.
  • Stage:  6a
  • Current Implementation:  Exteriors good, mostly missing interiors. Missing NPCs, creatures, quests. Uses ashlands assets.
  • Misc Notes: Needs to be differentiated from the mainland. (Sulphur pools?) (Why is it ashy?) (old dwemer mine; dug too deep, ash geysers?) (alt: Pompeii? Dungeons full of surface items). Storytelling through dialogue with ashlanders, dungeons that hint at past events.

Clambering Moor

  • Characterization: Patchy rocky region, mixes ashy areas with more green areas
  • Stage:  6a
  • Current Implementation:  Mixed assets: Patchy region- mainly ashlands/RM, but has AI, WG, Solstheim, and BC patches. Exteriors basically done, not really any interiors, no NPC, no creatures. Might have a few random dungeon ints. Notices some weird ext landscape glitching (divots)
  • Misc Notes: Patches good, but maybe the patches should all be more similar and also have their own assets. (tiny moss friend animals :D) (changing pine trees: try reskins, consider “weird dirt” effects on solstheim trees).

Grey Meadows

  • Characterization: Ashy swamp with grey and white color scheme. A few small villages. Gloomy, lifeless, a few small benign creatures.
  • Stage:  6a
  • Current Implementation:  exteriors are done, though claim borders need to be matched, no interiors, no creatures, no npcs.
  • Misc Notes: Exteriors are pretty darn fabulous(like really, really fabulous). A+.

Velothi Mountains

  • Characterization: Mountains. Long, thin border region, borders Skyrim. Lots of snow. Should be fairly desolate.
  • Stage:  6a
  • Current Implementation:  Has some interiors. Exteriors are done, for now. RM rocks, BM snow rocks. Lots of BM snow ground textures. Not much plants.
  • Misc Notes: What to be done to make it more interesting? Volcanic activity? Small scraggly plants? Desolation -- failed camps? Dangerous creatures. (Check SHotN assets!) Snowmen. (Hidden camp/creatures/ambush creatures--magical creature/necromancy traps)


  • Characterization: piney forest- conifers, white pine? Fairly rocky. Redoran.
  • Stage:  6a
  • Current Implementation:  Lots of Hirstaang forest assets. Exteriors mostly complete, a few cities.  No NPCS, quests, few interiors, no creatures.
  • Misc Notes: (White pine forest floor) (This strongly reminds Kaziem of the Pine Barrens/upstate New York near Syracuse). Have shades of the Rift area from Skyrim be included. Should have more Redoran things happening.

Uld Vraech

  • Characterization: Snowy mountain region, lots of BM assets. Canyon-mountain-snow.
  • Stage:  6a
  • Current Implementation: Exteriors mostly done, but definitely not completely done. Int, quest, NPC, creatures not done. Really cluttered. Some places unfinished.
  • Misc Notes: Some framerate drops in here. What’s there is good, but cluttered. Lots of modern and ancient nords.

Alt Orethan

  • Characterization: Friendly and green, rich. “Indoril utopia.” Mainly friendly creatures.
  • Stage:  #@!?
  • Current Implementation:  Ascadian isles, with some Mournhold thrown in. A bit ragged. Green, but not forest; meadows.
  • Misc Notes: This is the region directly surrounding Almalexia and as such is a little caught between redos and various ideas.

At the end of this meeting we will pick our first region to discuss and then set a date for the meeting. The meeting agenda template for the individual region meetings is here: http://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/content/individual-region-meeting-template

Misc notes:
An idea for a quest:
Cartographer made a map of a “giant lake with a dragon” which is actually a pond with one fish (had a bad skooma trip)
Maybe we put a quest around this, where the main thing is that there’s an area where “you should stay out of this” but maybe it’s just the Hlaalu keeping someone out by lying about it.

Or the guy who discovered it was on skooma.

Or the person who discovered it just wanted some fish and for some reason something bad happened-- and they claim the fish there “was totally a dragon, guys”.

Or maybe the Hlaalu wanted to protect something valuable or important there. (my grandma’s cursed ring, etc).

Misc NPC idea:
Quack doctors; snake oil. “Cure common disease” ingredient/potion, vastly overpriced. Maybe use dialogue system or super mercantile. Maybe sells legit materials to locals, grifts outlanders.

Our next Region to discuss is Roth Roryn, and then after that we will discuss Aanthirin.

To do:

  • Update the Progress Report with blurbs on these regions
  • Update the Progress report with blurbs on all regions
  • Put small blurbs in the handbook for each region, possibly also with small concepts/screenshots
  • Idea: End user manual, like the Morrowind manual. Intro, welcome, artwork

End User Manual

An end user manual-- the game
A replacement for the readme, which includes everything you want in a readme or a game manual
Also would help improve the handbook or website