2016 11 05 Meeting Summary


Saturday meetings

Feedback thread

A topic of discussion are the general shape and time placement for TR’s decisive meetings. Saturdays in the current timeframe (5 pm/17:00 UTC) are not available for all or even most people, and the fact that decisions are finalized during these meetings make them as exclusive as prior consensus meetings are.

Two methods were discussed to address this issue:

  1. Post a forum topic in Project Organisation, stickied, to allow forum posters a week of voicing their disagreement with any given decision. If disagreement is given, the topic will be re-discussed at the next meeting.
  2. Move the meeting to Sunday at 6:00 pm/18:00 UTC. Despite objections, this seems to allow more people to hang out on Discord.

Hosting situation

TR’s hosting fees (currently handled by Haplo, who draws from a prior donation drive) will run out in late 2017, and we need to figure out if we want to remain with our current host (who has been reliable if aloof) or be hosted by Atrayonis’ webhoster (which would move the site to another server in Germany and move it off a dedicated jail server to a shared one).

If we decide to stick with Garfield, we will need to start raising donations to pay the hosting fees and the fees for keeping the tamriel-rebuilt.org domain. These donations could be collected via multiple sources:

  • Direct donation (through a fundraiser on the site, for example).
  • Indirect donation (through Twitch or another service, like a kickstarter).
  • Charitable Organisation (the most unlikely of these, as it would probably create legal issues).
  • Member contribution (members of TR will donate a small amount of money to a “money jar”).

The base fee is 100$ for 18 months.

We will also need to find someone familiar with FreeBSD and site management. The recent server move was supposed to enable TR to upload apache modules as desired, but we currently can’t make use of it due to lack of knowledge.

If we decide to move to Atrayonis’ webhoster, Atrayonis will end up doing most (if not all) of the actual work.

Aside from that, we will need to figure out what changing our hosting location from the US to Germany would legally entail. Germany does not have copyright as the US or UK have, but a system of creator/distributor rights. If this is done, the website will be hosted under another name. Changing to this server will also take a few days, the site not being usable around that time.