2016 11 13 Meeting Summary


Roth Roryn Review – Meeting I (Conceptualization)

Feedback thread
First, quickly go over the current implementation of the region. This stage is about taking stock of what we have to work with.

  1. What does it currently look like?

Roth-roryn is a region furrowed with hills and ridges (for the most part), eroded grasslands, and canyons (in places). It contains a river and a few smaller bodies of water, but is otherwise landlocked.

On technical implementation, some of the roads follow the slope of the landscape rather than being properly sunk (‘worn’) into the landscape, and some of the rock formations (2.0-sized rocks mashed together) and old cliff meshes appear rather ugly.

  1. What is in it. (Settlements? Whose?)

Limited Redoran settlement in the Northwest, amounting to Kartur, Bodrem and a few scattered buildings, limited Hlaalu settlement in the southeast amounting to Menaan, some plantations and scattered houses and shacks, and then a few Daedric and Dwemer ruins scattered about. Limited Ashlander presence and one Temple monastery.

What is the general purpose of the region? Why does it/should it exist?

  1. What is its narrative role?

Roth-roryn serves mostly to illustrate Velothi history. It might serve to explore the aftermath of the Hlaalu takeover of Redoran and Indoril lands as well, and (more actively) the continuing sidelining of the Ashlanders. The region has never been heavily populated and has always been favoured by recluses.

  1. What is going on there? (ie. is it challenging wilderness, or does it play an important role in commerce, pilgrimage, etc.?)

Roth-roryn is mostly challenging (upper-mid level) wilderness, with a few easterly plantations, which is also where the only trade passes through. Lots of adventuring, very few services.


  • Brown Beetle
  • Cliff Racers? - not a crazy amount
  • Crested Alit
  • Goblins - isolated instances
  • Guars - relatively limited in number, both wild individual and small, tame groups, the latter especially in open areas.
  • Kriin? (link is external)
  • Kwama
  • Netches
  • Nix-hounds (variant?)
  • Trolls - renamed from swamp troll, found in western Morrowind especially in caves along the Velothi Mountains

General notes:

The “TR_i4-261-hla Monastery” and “TR_i4-261-hla Monastery, Lower Level” interiors are to be used elsewhere, perhaps for a Buoyant Armiger base, with some adjustments (kill the statues), or an Ordinator training ground, in the mountains, at the west of Bodrem.

A new interior should be created for the building; a monastery dedicated to St. Aralor whose monks are mostly ex-Camonna Tong thugs. Maybe built on the location of the cave where Aralor was trapped and rescued by Almalexia?