2016 12 04 Meeting Summary



How many of each type of interior are needed?


Ancestral tombs of House Redoran (mostly west of the Pryai) and House Indoril (east of the Pryai): 5 each

Daedric ruin: one small one here (link is external), originally of a small secluded cult.

Kwama mines (wild): 5

Natural caves with creatures, bandits (especially near roads), recluses and strange things: 10

Velothi towers (wild): 2

Total: 28



five clusters of 2-4 dwellings, three with Kwama mines, two with adjacent Velothi towers.

Iliath: a former training academy for Ordinators which was abandoned after the Armistice when House Indoril was pushed out of the region and could no longer support its existence. The “TR_i4-261-hla Monastery” and “TR_i4-261-hla Monastery, Lower Level” interiors are to be used with modifications. (Kill the statues and throne).

Kwama mines: 5 (2 of them Redoran mines)

Velothi cave dwellings: 15

Velothi monastery interior: A new interior should be created for the building at [-3, -18]; a monastery dedicated to St. Aralor whose monks are mostly ex-Camonna Tong thugs. Maybe built on the location of the cave where Aralor was trapped and rescued by Almalexia? Remember to add the back entrance to the shrine of Aralor in the exterior.

Velothi towers: 4 (two of them isolated)

One dessicated shipwreck left over from when Vivec flooded Morrowind. The claimer should use their creativity to make the wreck look as ancient and dried out as possible.

There could also be some more flotsam indicating the flood hidden here and there around Roth Roryn, though sparingly: an oar or two, some planks, and perhaps for fun a skeleton in the middle of the Armun Ashlands rowing a boat.

Total: 27


Total: 55

The yellow circle would be a Velothi Tower, dwellings would be located either in location one or two, and the roads could be linked as indicated.https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/186227908510089217/255053343628591114/RRVelothiSettlement01.png

Guidelines for the appearances of the interior (tileset, assets to use/avoid)?

Most caves in Roth-roryn should use the moldcave tileset, as they’re carved into rock with no volcanic activity to speak of. Caves near the Pryai could use the mudcave tileset instead.

Velothi towers and the Daedric ruin should broadly adhere to Bethesda’s conventions, though only those for the Velothi towers have been noted down so far.

Indoril and Redoran ancestral tombs should be cluttered differently:

Mostly the items; House bonemold, clothing and so on.

Redoran tombs should probably tend to have more arms and armour than other tombs,

Indoril tombs more 'cultured' offerings.

Any saint banners or the rare shrine might also be different.

Also, Indoril tombs might tend to be a bit grander, Redoran tombs perhaps a bit more communal (more ash pits rather than just urns)

Redoran tombs should probably tend to be more barren, and Indoril tombs should have some textiles like tapestries.

Iliath Temple


Iliath may have been the site of a shrine to Azura and some ebony mines long in the past, but that is a question discussed among scholars. After the rise of the Tribunal it was established as an Ordinator war temple in which initiates received training -- both martial and theological -- away from civilization, and as Tiber Septim turned his attention to Morrowind it was turned into a full-fledged Ordinator military base. Then the Armistice was signed, the Indoril who had supported the base were gone from the region and the area was demilitarized. Iliath lay abandoned until the IAS pitched up camp there to try and puzzle its history together again.

Quick mockup of how Iliath could look:

Iliath in ESO:

Next step

New interior claims need to be created in the design stage, as their descriptions will still need to be discussed and written out. After the descriptions have been written, the claims shouldn’t be posted automatically, but in batches; first a batch of fifteen, and then batches of ten as opportunity demands. Which interiors should go into which batch should be discussed in this thread.

Additional Notes

Reminder that these items should be considered for Tamriel_Data inclusion.