2016 12 11 Meeting Summary


Roth-Roryn Claims: First Wave

RyanS posted a link to the first wave of designed RR interiors. They were agreed to be put into the first batch.

A first wave of quest claims is prepared by Kevaar and can be moved on from the design stage as well.

“Content file” (name pending) content type

A dedicated content type to replace Merge Claims is being tested on the dev site. An additional step would be required for bugs, assets, and claims: when they are merged into a content file (such as TR_Mainland), they would need to be linked to the content file node.

The content file node then contains lists of all the individual nodes that were put into it, along with a better list of files and changelogs.

When a new release is out, more content file nodes could be posted, to unclutter the currently overcluttered merge claims.

TR1612 - Who does what and when?

There are currently two bugs that still need to be fixed before TR1612 is ready to release, which should be done by Monday, Dec. 12th.

Release notes (very short: it’s bugfixes) and an announcement should be written during the week, so that by Sunday, Dec. 18th it can be released.

Current TR problems

A general lack of modellers and functional concept art. This is stalling progress on the Deshaan. We have a very basic exterior and interior set, but no canton models and no setpieces to spruce up the settlements.

Furthermore, additional orc, argonian, and khajiit heads would be nice. Especially argonians and orcs for the wilder regions of the Arnesian jungle and the Velothi mountains.

Next focus

  • Interiors: RR (claims are going up)
  • Exteriors: RR (to a lesser degree), AT
  • Models: AT flora and ground textures (for the exterior work), DP cantons, more Dres setpieces (needs functional art as well),
  • Quests: Necrom if possible, finally merging that basement requires additional models (Nerevar’s bonewalker and a secret of the Tribunal)