2016 Year in Review

Tamriel Rebuilt had an eventful year in 2016. What did we do this past year? Well, a variety of things.
We moved onto a new website with a new forum, and built a new structure to handle our claims and assets. We changed our workflow to use Release Files, which streamlines things. We updated our site with new screenshots and lost concept art, along with old and new maps. We made the TR Handbook and began populating it with information about the people and places of TR, but also with information on how to play and mod for TR.
In files, we found the Music Pack that had gotten lost, and made three releases (1603, 1609, and 1612). We worked together with Project Tamriel to share assets like new types of armor, architecture, and clutter in our new combined Tamriel Data. We also made a number of bugfixes. The latest heightmap now takes care of the southern regions.
For the public, we made a few release videos detailing our progress, and also a video and written installation guide. We also started an instagram.
Internally, we’ve gained a few new members. Kevaar has been with the project now and is our latest Lead Developer, and a few other folks have been helping reviewing interiors, assets and books.
In planning, we’ve made a great deal of progress. We now have a working picture of House Dres, and a rough storyline worked out for them. We have a lot of visuals representing their district, which mainly consists of the Deshaan Plains, and are slowly turning the visuals into models for use in-game. We’ve begun refining and polishing some areas next up on the plate for release (such as Old Ebonheart) and getting Aanthirin and Roth Roryn ready for interiorizing and NPCs. We’ve also worked out how we’re going to go about finishing the semi-completed areas that remain. Lastly, we implemented a long-waited city and region name/border update.
All this is to say, the members of Tamriel Rebuilt have been working hard. As always, we could use more helping hands, so if you’re into writing out quests, discussing lore, or have artistic skills, please consider helping out. We’re also looking for people to help with web design and administration, as well as keeping our various points of contact up-to-date (Facebook, Tumblr, etc).
Thank you for your support this last year!
-The Tamriel Rebuilt Team


Trade and economy

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I have been away from Morrowind more or less since the launch of Oblivion, so I have forgotten most of the possibilities and limitations. Besides, I hope there has been some progress in all those years. At least Tamriel Rebuilt looks impressive, and my new Morrowind setup looks better than the one I remember.

My question is just how good scripting support is now. I would like to have a functional if rudimentary economy where crops grow according to seasons and must be harvested and distributed for people to live and prosper. That will mean both that the look of fields change over time and that lots of NPCs need to have a long-term schedule. It will probably also take a larger number of farmhands and more and bigger farms.

TR doesn't touch the engine,

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TR doesn't touch the engine, only adds content, so has no effect on scripting support,
MGSE extends scripting capabilities (not used here) but what you describe has always been possible through standard scripting. NPC schedules have been attempted in various ways over the years, the folks on the bethsoft forums might know about that.