2017 01 29 Meeting Summary


Progress on Roth-Roryn

  • All of the Menaan interiors are complete or pending review.
  • Obainat yurt interiors have all been put up for claiming.
  • Cave dwellings, tombs, mines and caves (batch interiors) are all still in their design stage. Some still need descriptions, but assuming no further critiques most of them are ready for batching.
  • Exterior work should wait until a Roth-roryn section file is created.

Thieves Guild Plotline

  • There are multiple proposals for the Thieves Guild questline, one is for Old Ebonheart, the other for Narsis. There should be further discussion on how to implement it, especially the Skull of Corruption and its influence towards the end of the questline, as well as guild hall placement. Overall the quest designs are good and only need to be put into context.
  • Thieves Guild bases were also discussed, which could be more varied than simply always being taverns. The idea that the Almalexia guild hall would be based in a theatre was mentioned, as well as the Andothren guild either establishing a base in the Dwemer ruin or a sewer hideout.
  • On that note, the sewer hideout had some more discussion; if the Dwemer ruin will be used by the Thieves Guild, the hideout could house another secretive organization, such as the Twin Lamps.

Discussion of the Foul Murder plotline has been shelved for next week.