2017 02 12 Meeting Summary

Forum Feedback Thread

Meeting Notes

Beyond Skyrim

Beyond Skyrim, the Morrowind province mod for TES V: Skyrim has asked to incorporate some of TR’s lore and setting.

We are in broad agreement that lore can be reused as they see fit. Assets are a different problem, as Bethesda generally hammers projects hard that port across games. but using inspired, fully original designs are okay.

There has apparently been some deal done before 2012, as Beyond Skyrim had already posted/used some of TR’s books. Deezha might know more, but on TR’s site, the lead developers of that time are mostly no longer around, so that information has been lost.



Performance and OpenMW

It is recommended that we recommend OpenMW somewhere, as it is generally better for performance. OpenMW is not required for TR. As far as developing goes, lag is mostly unavoidable, especially in big areas like Old Ebonheart and Almalexia, we should keep performance in high regard however, making the right choices and sacrifices to balance performance and content.


Free Writing Board

We have discussed creating a space for people to post miscellaneous writing contributions, such as roleplays or lore incompatible with or irrelevant to TR.

We looked at the existing boards and decided that Quests & Dialogue threads could be divided up between individual asset entries, Implementation and Conceptualization. The board would be replaced by a new Free Writing board.