2017 03 12 Meeting Summary




  • Foul Murder
  • Lake Andaram/Aanthirin claims (Hlan Oek, Nav Andaram)
  • New Thirr Hlaalu settlements
  • Dres Horak
  • Administration and Hierarchy
  • User Roles and Badges

Meeting Notes


In connection with the upcoming Tamriel_Data update, we discussed a few assets.

Administration and Hierarchy

Copied verbatim. Little discussion took place.

1: The creation of more specific roles for more specific tasks inside and out of the mod itself is paramount to a well organized project of any kind, for the dispersal of workload and the specialization of tasks to those who excel most at the tasks at hand. Jobs such as Public Relations, forum monitoring, advertising, and more, can all benefit from the creation of specific roles in the fields assigned. This does not solve the issue of our drought of productive members within and outside of administration, but would help in the organizations of roles by attracting people of more fields by letting them know that we need not only modders, but video makers, and editors, and more. Such roles would also simplify the flows of information within the project, as one would no longer need to guess, nor run the risk of forgetting, who is working on certain fields, and who needs to be communicated with to ensure those fields are as productive as possible.

2: To maintain our relevance and keep the project alive, even in the face of certain destruction by untimely death of lead members, it is of the utmost importance that we maintain our advertising and marketing division as much as possible. This can work in tandem with the creation of roles to specify those with talents, but moreso means the frequent promotion of the project, even in places which may have already been advertised too, so as to maintain public awareness. Alongside frequent and wellmade advertising, trying new projects within the realms of advertising could prove fruitful to our cause, by expanding into possible realms of viral marketing, subtle marketing, unrelated product attachment in the form of youtube channels and other social media to produce small content otherwise unrelated to morrowind so as to attract outside audiences to the game, as well as the mod.

3: To keep ourselves as productive as possible, we need an easy-access source of good information on all the topics that could be or would be needed to produce for tamriel rebuilt in any way, shape, or form. This philosophy is to work by exploiting the open nature of the project by promoting the usage of a revised handbook rich in information on said topics frequently, and in many more ways than one. By frequent advertising of the handbook, and the ease of use of its information, we can attract those who would otherwise be unproductive in terms of modeling, modding, texturework, writing, etc. and help them achieve the full potentials and skillsets needed to be as productive as possible for the project. In short, we can help turn our influx of unproductive procrastinators into more productive modders while still maintaining our open ways.


Lake Andaram


  • we adjusted some claim borders for the not-yet-released Lake Andaram claims
  • Sadrathim was moved far to the south to be a seedy little fishing village off Lake Coronati
  • a tier VI location was added between Marak and Dres Hairab


The Mages Guild has five locations in Hlaalu lands:

Narsis (Hub), Kragen Mar, Othmura, Idathren, and Narun

As Tier IV cities, Narun would act as a deep-forest research location, and Idathren as a Lake Andaram research location.

Idathren is mixed shack and Hlaalu, and a relatively sleepy fishing village aside from its (Hlaalu set) Mages Guild. It's located in shallow waters off the Thirr River proper.


Tear Mages Guild

The location of the possible Mages Guild location in Tear was discussed; that it could be located in the canals between the city’s platforms, or perhaps sewers inside a platform if they have any, and that it might be located next to any outlander embassy, providing outlanders who run afoul of the Dres (not a small number) or simply want out (that is, most of them) a quick exit.

The idea was also discussed that the Tear Mages Guild would actually be part of the Black Marsh network, with the neighbouring port of Thorn likely acting as the guild hub.