2017 03 19 Meeting Summary


Foul Murder Questline

-the party are directed to Necrom’s basement to find the last ringlet
-Alvu and Simine discuss (voiced lines) that the door is locked by three keys they have no way of getting
-the player demonstrates that the door is not locked at all and goes through, which indicates that something strange is going on
-inside, the third ringlet is acquired while Nerevar’s bonewalker stands around and whispers away
-as the party prepares to summon Alandro Sul, Verendas barges in and confronts them, and the player deals with him
-Alandro Sul is summoned with the ringlets and leads the party to Necrom’s catacombs

-the Foul Murder mural is sealed in Necrom’s catacombs
-the mural appeared after the Battle of Red Mountain, and attempts to remove it have just resulted in it reappearing elsewhere, so the room it ended up in was simply walled off
-Alandro Sul leads the party to the chamber wall and opens it, because he can
-the party enter the chamber and oggle at the mural
-Nerevar’s bonewalker emerges behind the party and approaches the PC
-a cutscene starts with vague visions of the memories that remain in the bonewalker
-when the cutscene ends, all that remains of the bonewalker is a pile of ashes
-the rest of the party is shocked by what they have witnessed, and ask the PC to explain what happened
-the player can choose how to explain the vision received from the bonewalker to them

New Handbook

topics covered in the first section of the new handbook will be (yet to be ordered, merged, or otherwise): Introduction, joining, dashboard, bug reports, assets, claims, expectations, policies, communications, guidelines, copyright, customer service, masterplan, jobs, usergroups, badges, getting started, administration, concept art, construction, story implementation, supplements, social media, and marketing.